About Jason Hanold


Jason Hanold currently serves as the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Partner of Hanold Associates LLC, an executive search recruiting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Hanold Associates’ clientele represents diverse industries throughout the United States. Mr. Hanold specializes in identifying candidates for specific human resources and upper management roles such as Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Generalist, Compensation leaders, and Talent Managements leaders. Drawing on over 16 years of experience in the recruiting business, Jason Hanold helps place highly talented executives with leading corporations, which have included Google, The Coca-Cola Company, Harley-Davidson, and Carnival Corporation among many others. The wide-reaching search techniques and detailed matching processes used at his firm result in enduring candidate placements and client relationships.

Jason Hanold puts a strong emphasis on cultural fit when assessing and selecting potential candidates for his clients, as well as the onboarding and assimilation process, which he has described as the most important steps a company should take after the hiring process to retain quality employees. His article on the subject, titled “Rigorous Onboarding Can Help Win the War for Talent,” appeared in the Recruiting Edge Newsletter. According to Jason Hanold, many executive recruiters miss opportunities for improved client service when they end communication with a candidate before the entire onboarding process is completed. Mr. Hanold also posits that recruiters should remain engaged with the employee and hiring firm throughout the first year of assimilation. More information about the services he provides at Hanold Associates may be found at http://www.hanold-associates.com.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Jason Hanold maintains active involvement on the Board of Directors at Big City Mountaineers, an outdoor mentoring organization for urban teens. Through Big City Mountaineers, he has invested additional time and participation in the organization’s Summit for Someone program. Summit for Someone involves a year-long commitment to raising funds benefiting the organization’s future outdoor mentoring excursions. He also heads the nonprofit’s Nominations & Governance Committee.

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