Jason Hanold on Results-Oriented Work Environments and Human Resources

Jason Hanold serves as Managing Partner for Hanold Associates, LLC. The executive search firm specializes in finding excellent candidates for high-level human resources (HR) positions.

A recent Indianapolis Star article featured firms that have adopted a Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE). These firms have begun to offer unlimited vacation and to judge employees on the work performed, not the time they spend in the office. The increased flexibility has resulted in a happier, more highly skilled workforce. By treating employees as valued adult team members instead of unruly children, these firms have excelled.

However, ROWE can cause headaches for HR professionals as the law of unintended consequences kicks in. Some HR managers report having trouble with issues such as the Family Medical Leave Act and Disability. If an employee has unlimited vacation, is there a limit to the time she can take for maternity leave? How can an injured employee go on disability when he has an infinite number of sick days?

Experts predict that, over the next decade or so, most successful firms will adopt ROWE. The shift to this new management style will require experienced, flexible, and creative HR professionals. To find highly qualified HR executives who can help create a smooth transition to a ROWE, contact Hanold Associates.

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