Travel, Charity, and Athleticism Join Forces By Jason Hanold

A growing trend that has been dubbed “athletic voluntourism” allows individuals to achieve three goals at the same time: see the world, get in shape, and support worthwhile causes.

While runs and walks for cancer awareness may be the most visible opportunities of the charity-athleticism union, they are by no means the only ones available. One of the athletic voluntourism activities I am most passionate about is Summit for Someone, a mountain-climbing fundraiser that raises money for Big City Mountaineers, a wilderness experience program for teens.

Summit for Someone participants choose a peak they want to climb (the program offers mountain challenges around the U.S., Mexico, and Africa), raise the pledge amount connected to that peak, and then enjoy their climb knowing they are directly helping Big City Mountaineers change the lives of at-risk youth.

Summit for Someone also offers support and resources for climbers. The results climbers enjoy are tangible; each successful pledge helps at least five teenagers complete a transformational wilderness experience during the summer months.

About Jason Hanold:

A member of Big City Mountaineers’ Board of Directors, Jason Hanold enjoys climbing mountains and spending time outdoors. In his professional life, Hanold acts as Managing Partner for the Chicago-based HR firm he founded, Hanold Associates.


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