Jason Hanold Discusses Chief Diversity Officers

As the concept of diversity has risen in importance over the past decade, companies and schools have hired Chief Diversity Officers to establish and enhance the multiculturalism of organizations. An executive position, the Chief Diversity Officer recommends hiring practices that will produce a more ethnically mixed workforce, which might appeal to potential job applicants as well as customers. Another important duty involves paying attention to regulations regarding equal opportunity employment, discrimination, and similar matters.

Chief Diversity Officers must remain aware of various issues within the workplace. Many develop training and education programs to teach employees about cultural sensitivity and respecting differences. To institute their policies, they interact with numerous departments including human resources, marketing, and fellow executives. Additionally, they often possess skills in psychology, change management, and problem solving.

About the Author:

As Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Hanold Associates, LLC, in Chicago, Jason Hanold performs executive searches for companies such as Xerox, Vail Resorts, Carnival Corp, and Yum! Brands. Active with the human resources search process, Hanold has found Chief Diversity Officers for Heinz, CDW, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.


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