Effective Communication for Human Resources Managers

Good communication is essential to corporate success, according to Jason Hanold, the managing partner and chief executive officer of Hanold Associates, LLC, in Kenilworth, Illinois. When he is recruiting human resources managers, Jason Hanold keeps these principles in mind.

Face controversy: Sometimes it is necessary to confront people. Many HR directors avoid this, fearing conflict. This is natural, but most problems don’t go away unless they are attended to.

Consider the medium: Depending on the situation, some communication methods work better than others. Email is fine for informing employees of minor changes, but face-to-face discussion is best for sharing news of major ones.

Criticize in private: Respect employees’ pride by sharing negative subjects when no one else is present. Conversely, spread news of employees’ accomplishments as widely as possible.

Communicate truthfully and promptly: News of significant events such as layoffs can spin out of control if it is left to the grapevine. Give as much information as you can as soon as you can.


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