Jason Hanold Places Top Positions at Abbott Laboratories

In his role as managing partner of  Hanold Associates, Jason Hanold has recently recruited highly skilled upper management personnel for some 40 worldwide companies. For instance, at Abbott Laboratories, Jason Hanold brought in vice presidents of worldwide compensation and compensation consulting. Locating qualified executives for Abbott can be challenging due to the truly global scope of the company’s business.

Headquartered in Illinois, Abbott serves customers in more than 150 nations. Their business encompasses four broad areas: diagnostics (machines and testing), devices (non-invasive technologies), nutrition (infant to geriatric), and pharmaceuticals (generic medications for common health issues).

These core competencies permeate Abbott’s product lines. Persons with diabetes, for example, benefit from advanced glucose meters. Veterinary services include blood monitoring for dogs and cats and tissue adhesives for treating wounds. Abbott coronary devices help doctors clear blockages and ensure adequate blood flow.

Abbott Labs split into two separate companies in January 2013. The company retaining the old name focuses on the market segments listed above. The new company, AbbVie, continues to research new pharmaceuticals and focuses on proprietary medications.


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