Three Advantages of Using An Executive Search Firm

Throughout his career in the field of human resource management, Jason Hanold has established himself as a dedicated and highly capable leader. Jason Hanold currently serves as a managing partner and chief executive officer of Hanold Associates, LLC, a retained executive search firm located in Kenilworth, Illinois.

For companies looking for ways to connect with highly qualified executive candidates, executive search firms represent an ideal way to streamline the hiring process. Here are three advantages of using an executive search firm.

Broadened scope: When a company chooses to conduct a job search on its own, it will likely not have access to as many resources as a large search firm designed solely for the purpose of talent acquisition. Large search and recruitment firms help companies find and sort candidates by industry, location, availability, and suitability.

Larger pool of candidates: With a search firm, a company is able to interview a larger number of highly qualified candidates than it might otherwise be able to draw, which help it find the best fit for a position. Hiring the best possible candidate will pay dividends in terms of office culture, long-term productivity, and business growth.

Reduced time commitment: Perhaps most importantly, search firms oversee all aspects of the executive recruiting process, saving businesses hundreds of hours of work. Time-intensive tasks handled by search firms typically include background reviews, aptitude testing, personality profiling, preliminary interviewing, and reference checking.


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