The Role of Company Culture in Recruiting and Retention

Jason Hanold helps businesses and organizations find top talent as the leader of executive search firm Hanold Associates, LLC. Among Jason Hanold’s many areas of expertise is identifying candidates that are a good fit for a particular company.

Compatibility is particularly important when trying to recruit and retain talented employees. The employee should not just meet the requirements of the positions by having the required skill set and experience. The company should meet the candidate’s requirements and expectations as well. In order to accomplish this, the company should present itself to the candidate accurately and professionally in interviews. Then, it should continue with this professional approach during onboarding and training activities.

In order to determine the type of employee that would be a good fit, the company should thoroughly evaluate its company culture. This includes considering how important qualities such as creativity and flexibility are to your organization. These values should not just be part of the company’s handbook; they should also be a part of the company’s day-to-day activities.

Then, take company culture into account when selecting a candidate. A candidate who feels misled or uncomfortable with a company’s culture will likely leave soon for other opportunities. Likewise, a company that selects an employee that does not work well within its organization will likely come to regret its decision to hire the candidate.


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