7 Ways You Can Inspire Your Employees



Productive employees are a product of engagement. You see the idea of engagement a lot in social media and marketing circles but it is an absolute necessity in workplace settings. How can you, the quintessential inspirational executive manager, make sure your employees are as passionate as you? It happens time and time again, employees with no direction, lackluster management and a no defined company culture or worse – one that doesn’t value employees as unique individuals.

There is often a temptation to the delegate by mandating approach, but this produces employees that work just hard enough and don’t go the extra mile. Managers must lead by motivating, lead by inspiring.

Jason Hanold’s Inspiring Employees:


The idea may seem demeaning but has been proven very effective. After all, although many people will give you any answer to why they have a certain job but “because I receive a paycheck”, they are all there for that reason. Sales focused organizations have been doing this for decades and it just works.

Communicate Purpose Company Values

Now that the economic incentive is out of the way, It’s time to discuss humans’ more noble desires. People like to work towards a goal. They worker harder and they are more creative problem solvers in these situations. This is why purpose driven companies are so successful and inspirational men and women ask their supporters to work for a noble purpose.

Teach, Don’t Criticize

Give constructive criticism. Never criticize, condemn, or complain. At the end of the day any advice of this nature goes back to Dale Carnegie’s preeminent How to Win Friend’s and Influence People.  The most effective way to teach employees what to do is to mentor them, suggest better ways to solve a problem but avoid criticizing like the plague. This allows people to be more comfortable innovating and find creative solutions.

Balance Work and Play 

This is dependent entirely on the culture of a company, but no company should be all one thing. One thing that all HR teams try to avoid is turnover, it’s often their most important metric. If people enjoy what they do, where they do it, and whom they do it with they will stay.

Say Thanks, Give Praise, Show Respect 

Say thanks, say how much they helped, say how great someone’s work is, be histrionic. People respond to enthusiasm especially when it’s about them. This praise is an effective means of showing respect and respect is always a two way street.

Learn, Listen, Understand

No one likes to be talked at. They like to be listened to and feel important so give them your attention. No inspiring leader ever just told people what to do, they listen and mirror.




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