6 Apps and Websites Turning Us Into Contractors

With huge, explosive startups like AirBnB and Uber, whose companies combine at a valuation of $53 billion dollars, many industries are changing quickly. These companies, along many other similar startups that are popping up don’t hire the people who offer the services. They are online platforms that connect people providing services with the consumers of these services. Many have predicted that widespread adoption of these apps might eventually turn us all into contractors.

So with this in mind let’s look at the companies trying to fundamentally change entire industries.

AirBnB Coffee

AirBnB Coffee

AirBnB – Founded in 2008, and an alumnus of the Y Combinator startup accelerator, AirBnB has seen explosive growth. Many see this growth as an indication of it’s potential, despite many of its legal issues. The app allows anyone to either find or rent their homes or apartments for a short time.

Uber Map

Uber Map

Uber – Though seemingly in the news everyday for a mishap, they can always blame their massive growth. Uber’s $40 billion dollar valuation and expansion into 52 countries is proof of its usefulness in today’s economy. The app connects drivers with people who need a ride. They are quickly disrupting the taxi industry which many see as a cartel.

SkillShare Logo

SkillShare Logo

SkillShare – Online classes at Skillshare focus on learning skills by doing them and are taught by leading experts in each subject. They recently launched a separate product where anyone can teach and anyone can watch for free. These classes are not accredited and other non peer-to-peer startups like Udacity are doing well so no large change has occurred… yet.

GetAround In a Tesla

GetAround In a Tesla

Getaround – Another peer to peer company that matches people with cars and in need of some money with people who need to rent cars. Getaround is only in 5 cities right now but with $19 million in seed funding, and high adoption rates, Get around is poised to change the rental car industry

TaskRabbit Founder Leah Busque

TaskRabbit Р Essentially a marketplace for any task, users can outsource tasks to their neighbors. Users post the maximum price they would pay for a task to be completed and neighbors bid to complete them.

Elance Advertisement

Elance Advertisement

Elance – Elance recently merged with oDesk to become by far the largest platform connecting freelancers with clients. Originally started in 1999, Elance is no longer disruptive but widespread use and continued growth lends credence to the theory we’ll all eventually become contractors.



from Jason Hanold – Talent Acquisition http://jasonhanoldhr.com/6-apps-and-websites-turning-us-into-consultants/
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