Apps and Resources To Solve Your Recruiting, Human Resources, Legal Problems

These days there is an app for everything, so it only makes sense that there are some new disruptive apps to help with all aspects of human resources and recruiting. Most of these apps aim to do two things, save time and money. And if you’re a cash-strapped entrepreneur, these apps might be the perfect solution to your some of your least favorite tasks.


Checkr – Another YCombinator alumnus, Checkr recently raised $9 million to help expedite and simplify background checks for small business.


Zen Payroll – Making payroll simple and intuitive is a bold goal for any startup. Zen Payroll raised $20 million last year to help build out the cloud-based technology that handles all the complex and manual tasks for its users.


ZipRecruiters – With ZipRecruiters you can post your job opening on over 40 different job boards with one single post. This is a huge timesaver for the busy startup executive.


Any Perk – AnyPerk is an interesting startup that came out of YCombinator that facilitates perks for your employees. But these aren’t your normal benefits, Any Perk offers discounts and special offers to entertainment, travel and other perks for your employees. This can really help with retention!


Zenefits – All-in-one solutions can be a real timesaver. Zenefits offers solutions for managing benefits, onboarding, recruiting and much more. You can even outsource directly from the platform. As the fastest growing software-as-a-service company Zenefits raised over $66 million last year.


UpCounsel – A relatively new company that raised $1.5 million in seed funding in 2013. Essentially acting as an on-demand business legal services platform, UpCounsel allows you to access qualified professionals for short periods of time or long-term.

With the Affordable Care Act, the toughest hurdle might well be navigating the health insurance realm. Though no application has been built to truly solve these problems (especially not the ACA website) there is some helpful information from the small business administration.


from Jason Hanold – Talent Acquisition
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