My Current Employment? COO and Administrative Assistant

Home On The Roam

March 25, 2015 (by Angela)

While Jim is working hard as a consultant to the various hospitals that contract with him for his expertise, it may appear that I am a sloth just going along for the ride. That is not entirely true. Currently, I hold essential positions as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Co-CFO (Chief Financial Officer), for SyGul Home on the Roam, and I am the Administrative Assistant to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Jimmy G. Johnson Consulting; however, both positions are pro bono, which means officially, I get none of the green for my efforts.

What kind of things do I do as COO/Co-CFO of Sygul Home on the Roam? I’m in charge of housekeeping, hospitality and food services, materials management, maintenance work orders (if I cannot handle the issues), communications, logistics, information technology, tax preparation, web site development and maintenance (done together with Jim) and accounts receivable and accounts payable. I’ve…

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