11 Essential Ted Talks For Leaders


We all make goals both large and small. Too often the first thing you want to do is go out and tell someone without a second thought. But in this Ted Talk, Derek Sivers argues that you should give it a second thought and keep the goals to yourself if you want to achieve them.



Leadership is about getting people to desire following you, great leaders are inspiring to those around them in every situation. This Ted Talk is a short and powerful look at what it takes to be a great leader.



In a graduation speech for Princeton students, Jeff Bezos of Amazon tells an amazing story to help us understand why it’s more important for leaders to have good character in business than to be clever.



What are your goals? But more importantly what is your purpose. Knowing these two things are vital to becoming a great and passionate leader. Other side effects include happiness and inspiration.



A Ted Talk on giving a speech is a tough undertaking but Nancy Duarte does just that and delivers an important message for leaders and public speakers. Watch this to find her secret formula to be motivational, and inspiring to your audience.



According to David Logan in the Ted Talk humans are drawn to tribes in all of their environments. Leveraging this can be powerful to leaders everywhere, but you have to understand it first.



Author of “The Four Hour Work Week”, Tim Ferris, gives a Ted Talk about the importance of conquering fear and coming to a place of understanding for everyone.



Conventional wisdom on motivating others may not make sense in every situation. Dan Pink challenges the viewer to truly understand what will really motivates the people following you. Is it rewards? creativity?



In the military, quality leadership is essential to the system working. General Stanley McChrystal shares his surprising wisdom from years in leadership in the military. Listening and learning is important.



Leaders need to be inspiring to be effective. This Ted Talk uses some poignant examples to illustrate a how-to become a great leader.



In this Ted Talk, Shawn Achor talks about the importance of happiness in workplace productivity.

from Jason Hanold – Talent Acquisition http://ift.tt/1FT8CzH
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