Best Company Perks

As tech companies valuations and profits continue to grow with seemingly no end in sight, the competition for talent is heating up. After numerous studies and empirical evidence, companies have found employees work harder when they are content with their environment. Gone are the days where companies compete on salary alone. Now companies compete on culture and perks, and even Wall St. is following suit.

Here are some of the top perks available to some lucky employees:


Many startups will offer a few six packs here and there or a keg party but has a keg filled at all times to keep their employees happy.

Activities and Games

While ping-pong and pool tables have become a cliche, some companies are taking it further. Google offices have a bowling alley, a gym and a bocce ball court.

Paid Leave

Though nearly all the developed world offers generous maternity leave, not many American companies have followed suit. Microsoft, however, offers generous paid maternity and even paternity leave.


Though taking and asking about vacation time can be a taboo, managers have found that it not only keeps employees happy, they are often more productive. Travis CI not only offers unlimited vacation time, they offer mandatory minimum vacation time to keep employees from wondering whether or not they should take it.

But if vacation is your priority you might want to work for Southwest Airlines which offers free flights for friends and family of their employees.

Wellness and Massages

Companies are starting to realize that it keeping employees fit ultimately reduces cost and increases morale. Some include gym memberships, and many even have yoga instructors come into the office. Practice Fusion offers a Fitbit tracking device to every employee to encourage friendly competition

Almost all the top tech companies offer massages every once in a while, but Cisco Systems has a primary care clinic and physical therapists on-site in addition to their workout facility.

Company Campuses

Not every company prints money like top tech companies, but Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Sun Microsystems and many more have campuses that generally combine all of the above.