The Transformation of Talent Acquisition through Social Media

Facebook_iconRecruiting has evolved rapidly in recent years and will continue to change as younger employees enter the candidate pool. By 2025, more than 75 percent of workers will be born after 1980, meaning that they are extremely savvy technologically. More than ever before, job seekers use social media to seek out opportunities. In addition to obvious networks like LinkedIn, candidates use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to search for employment. Talent acquisition professionals must adapt their own strategies accordingly to continue attracting the most qualified candidates.

Some of the ways in which social media has transformed talent acquisition include greater emphasis on employer branding, easier analytics, and more opportunity for candidate engagement. Employer branding lets companies tell their story to prospective employees. Today, employees expect to see engaged and active companies who post regularly to social media. Branding must be consistent to attract top talent. Social media makes measuring and recording data easier than ever before.

Since everything is recorded, recruiters can quickly access metrics about engagement, brand impressions, and reputation. Social media also increases the chance for candidate engagement.

Today’s candidates expect open, transparent, and quick communication, which is quite a shift from communication expectations held only a decade ago.