Three Interview Questions for HR Directors

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When it comes to structuring a human resources department, choosing an HR director can have a significant impact on the overall success of the company. Here are three types of questions to consider when interviewing candidates for HR leadership positions.

Situational questions: Like any manager, an HR director must be confident in his or her ability to handle the core responsibilities of the position. By asking questions such as, “How would you deal with a low-performing employee who has been with the company for several years?” you can gauge candidates’ aptitude for the position, as well as how they would fit in with the existing company culture.

Sensitivity questions: One of a human resources department’s most important responsibilities is dealing with delicate situations and employee conflicts. An HR director should demonstrate sensitivity to multiple points of view, while adhering to the law and organizational standards of conduct. Be sure to ask questions about these topics.

Behavioral questions: A good HR director should remain calm in stressful situations and defuse any potential conflict before it blows up. While you don’t have to actually simulate a chaotic environment, you can ask questions such as “What would you do if you were heading to an important meeting and an employee came to you with a serious concern?”