Jason Hanold on the Best Careers for Former Athletes

In a recent article written by Ashley Brooks for the Rasmussen College blog, Hanold Associates CEO and managing partner Jason Hanold shared 10 potential career paths that are likely to suit the skills and talents of former competitive athletes. Mr. Hanold notes that many of the traits that aid athletic success, such as focus, determination, and a goal-oriented mentality, can help athletes succeed in their professional endeavors as well.

line-609713_640For example, athletes often make excellent financial advisors and sales representatives. Citing the advice of career coach and author Roy Cohen, he notes that the “thick skin and determination” that athletes often have can help them overcome initial rejections when working to acquire clients in these positions. Additionally, athletes’ action-oriented mindsets and ability to recognize talent can contribute to their success in the role of an executive recruiter. Many competitive athletes have spent a great deal of time honing their leadership skills, and Mr. Hanold notes that this can prove useful in positions such as supply chain manager and franchise owner. At the same time, the ability to view situations holistically and identify the functions of each part of a team can prove beneficial in a career as a computer systems analyst. This highly developed sense of teamwork may also aid former athletes in marketing and project management positions.

In pursuing a career in teaching, former athletes can leverage the influence of their coaches to guide and inspire individual development. In addition, a career in physical therapy allows athletes to draw directly from their own athletic backgrounds to help patients prevent and recover from injuries, train safely and effectively, and reach their overall fitness goals.