Jason Hanold Offers Strategies for Deciphering Corporate Culture

556619b8ba0b0_@!@_Hanold_J_288The chief executive officer of Hanold Associates, Jason Hanold leads an executive search firm focused on recruiting for human resources officers and talent management leaders. In an effort to identify HR executives who will excel at their positions and fit well within a corporation’s unique working environment, the firm must first gain a detailed understanding of each client’s company culture. In a June 2014 blog post, Jason Hanold offered insight into how his firm quickly decodes a client’s corporate culture early on in a business relationship.

Hanold Associates’ first strategy for deciphering a company’s culture is straightforward. Oftentimes, the firm simply asks clients to describe their organizational culture, gauging how easily representatives respond. This helps the firm determine whether a salient culture exists at a given organization, as well as whether or not the organization discusses its values. The question can also reveal the existence of corporate subcultures that may arise across a company’s geographical and functional boundaries.

Hanold Associates frequently follows up by asking its client companies to identify the shared traits demonstrated by their most talented personnel. The process helps to paint a clearer picture of the skills and traits that the firm values. By following up with a question regarding employees who have all of these preferred qualities, but who have not been successful at the firm, Mr. Hanold and his company can also highlight traits that are incompatible with their clients’ corporate cultures and proceed to conduct a more targeted HR executive search.