4 things you need to do when planning your post athlete career

When people think about professional athletes, they always imagine a life full of wealth and high living. Perhaps, seeing the luxurious lives of many tennis, basketball or soccer players has influenced a lot of people to think that. In spite of your glory days being a top professional athlete, you know well that many of you can have numerous difficulties to find a career after your last competition. Finding a career that will help you as a former professional athlete to keep your life as it was before retiring is not an easy job to do. That’s why some specialists say athletes should start planning an after competition career even before their professional athletic time is over. Here you will find some ideas to overcome this not easy task, and to be prepared when your retirement time comes.

Find an academic or professional purpose outside your own sport

Being at the top of your career as an athlete, you might think your life will always be about the sport you have loved and trained for years, and you do not see yourself doing anything else. However, someday you will have to be outside the playing field, and you will need another career to keep your life on track. For that reason, you need to prepare yourself for another professional field, and it is better if you work on this when you are still at the top. Plan before you go out of competitions, so you can do all the planning as it must be. Some advisers recommend taking a career assessment test that will help you to choose a suitable post athletic career for you. Therefore, you will be able to choose an academic field that is unrelated to your current athlete career. Besides, you can take advantage of your sportive abilities to apply for a scholarship as many colleges offer different types of rewards for those students who have outstanding performances in a sport.

Get engaged in a working function of your own sport club or federation

While you are still a professional athlete, you are going to be involved in many affairs of your club or federation. The advice is to take advantage of this situation and become valuable for them on other activities out of your athlete career. After some time, the federations or clubs you were before might need your expertise as a former professional athlete. But it is your job to become extremely important for them in other functions. The best way to do so, it is showing them this federation or club has been essential for your development as a professional athlete, and that you want to somehow repay that. In the same way, some of them will want to recompense you for your many years of commitment to them.

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Image courtesy of Norbert Grüner at Flickr.com

Use your athlete career to establish valuable connections

While you are a professional athlete, you meet a lot of people. Related with the latter, you need to leave good relations in every club, federation, league or competition your professional athlete career takes you. The idea is to get closed to journalists, coaches, professional trainers, and managers. These sorts of connections will be invaluable when you finish you athlete career, since they might help you in the transition process from athlete to post athlete. Occasionally, you might meet people that are not directly related to the sport you professionally practice, but they can be an excellent resource later to find a post athlete career out of your federation or club if the above suggestion does not work. For example, you might find many former athletes as entrepreneurs, journalists, professional broadcasters, or even actors because they expanded their valuable network beyond the sport fields.

Search career planning advisers for post athletes

Planning a career when you are young is not an easy mission. But planning it when you are an adult and have other concerns in mind is much more difficult. Thus, asking for some help with this won’t be harmful. Nowadays you can find people who are trained to assist you in this matter. These people have created tests and other measurements that will guide you in the process of deciding a career. There are also some websites which design especial articles related to this. Some of them post advices and steps to follow, so you can beat this challenging situation. At the same time, you can also request former athletes for some guidance in these matters, since they have overcome this before. Their lives experiences might give you an idea of what you should expect and what to do next.

To summarize, the general advice here is to plan ahead what you will do with your life after retiring from a professional athlete career. You should not wait until your active playing days are over to start thinking about it. The best thing is to work on a plan when you still have time to do it well.