The importance of innovation in human resources management models.

The process of globalization makes companies more competitive by increasing their productivity to survive the exigencies of the market. Considering that productivity is not only the ability of a company to produce, it is also important to the ability of its employees, both as a team and individually. Personal productivity is the optimization of time to complete tasks more effectively, to achieve managers should ensure that adequate human resources management is done by implementing innovative strategies and improving the function of each area to provide services to the company, thus increasing sales and profits of the company.

In the past the concept of human resources only referred to the group of workers who were part of a business, but today, the meaning of this word refers to the personnel management of a company, this means the ability to locate, interview, evaluate and select workers, according to the objectives, mission and vision of a company, taking a management role within the company.

In this sense, the management of human resources is a strategic management approach which aims to create maximum value for the organization, through a combination of actions to have at all times the level of skills knowledge and skills in the obtaining the results needed to be competitive in the current environment and future, one of these actions is the implementation of an appropriate strategy for organizational innovation, because innovation can be an important source of differentiation from competitors, whether they are implemented in the use of resources, improved products and services and the development of them by a different competition management.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), “innovation can be realized as any activity that results in the creation or marketing of both new products and new processes” so, changes in management within the organization as in the human resources department are included within this definition.

Every day is a clear need to develop new methods of managing resources within the organizations, which involves changes in the management of human resources in order to drive innovation, which is achieved by setting policies in line with the strategy of innovation of the company, which may vary depending on the type of product or service offered. In this sense, an increasing number of companies choose to develop it termed innovative work practices in order to achieve success in the competitive environment they face.

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Leading innovation companies has a distinctive culture and apply the best practices of human management with having a key competitive advantage to boost their growth and development, to achieve focus on ensuring that the people who drive the areas related to innovation are true experts in management talent and that talent management experts are in innovation, it is for this reason that organizations where innovation is assumed as a value inherent in their culture, all stages of business innovation are documented from the generation of ideas, including the development of proof of concept, prototyping and evaluation of alternatives to the definition and implementation of a project aimed at giving life to a product or service that may be novel, meets with greater efficiency and effectiveness, a specific market need, this is how manage to position themselves as leaders in the market.

Keep in mind that in the process of human resource management all active members of the company involved, which is why it must implement an organizational culture focused on innovation, this is achieved with the adoption of internal policies to targeted to promote knowledge management, because it is the internal knowledge available to the company and external knowledge that you can access it, who will determine the results in innovation and consequently corporate success.

In conclusion, it is a global trend implement innovation in organizational processes to survive in a competitive environment. That is why human talent has become the key to organizational success, because without it, it would be practically impossible innovate and to address current and future environmental demands, manage is the biggest challenge they face, for this is necessary to incorporate a more inclusive vision in the minds of managers and workers of different organizations and always think that methodological approaches used must be implemented in its entirety to get the functional synergy of the process in the company. One of the characteristics of the organizations present and future will be knowledge management, which can only be properly managed if the organization as a whole are considered simultaneously; the strategy; human talent; the leadership; the motivation; occupational safety; the technology; HR processes and change management. In the present article is to outline the main issues that will be needed to effectively perform talent management in an era where knowledge prevail as the main source of added value in organizations and in general in society.