How to find just the right fit for C-level Jobs

Not all companies are in need of hiring a C-Level position, and not all employees are cut out for C-level job openings. From the corporate side, it is important to understand your company and its needs, and that those people at the top will most likely shape the future of the company. As for an employee, certain characteristics are necessary and if you don’t have them, it is better to look for other options more suitable to your particular skill set.  C-level jobs are high-level managers, basically any job title that starts with a C, which stands for Chief, is what we’re talking about here. Yes, these jobs get much higher salaries, but that’s mainly due to the fact that they also work far more than most other job positions in the company. Besides this, their role takes on an important level of accountability when making decisions on the company’s behalf. Education and work experience are key factors when selecting a person for a C-level position.

Hiring a C-level Position

Understand where you’re heading as a company.

Before getting into the specifics of what taking on the role would entail, the company has to make a decision about whether they need one to begin one. That’s right, some companies may not need one all together and can easily get by by hiring a consultant to do the tasks needed. First of all, this will allow the company to save money and allocate it into other resources. And secondly, it will allow you to recruit other necessary talented employees that may help the company grow in other aspects.

Know what you want

Be sure to know what kind of profile, set of skills and personal traits you want the new C-level position have, once you’ve decided you need one. The newly appointed C-level position should be a solution very tangible needs that the company now has and others thinking ahead to the future. Additionally, when you do this you have a complete view of the company needs so as to be as accurate as possible in the job search.

Let people know you’re looking  

Due to the type of job position, you are are usually looking for influencers and people who are known to be part of networking circles. So, begin your search there. Start letting people know you are looking, circulate the job description to those close to the company or strategic people who might know just the right fit.

Have a plan

It’s not enough to just make the profile and wait for people to come in and be interested. You have to set in place a strategy, a plan that will not only detail the hiring process, but the training process as well. This plan should include all the parties that have to participate in it, and specify what they expect each of them to do in this process. Be sure to do this until you have at least 3 strong candidates. When digging into their references, keep an eye out for hints on their strengths and weaknesses and don’t get ahead of yourself during the negotiation. Don’t rush into it, simply take it step by step.

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Searching for a C-level Position

On the other end of things, some C-level quality talented executives may be on the lookout for a job opening, so here are some valuable tips for their search. It all comes down to visibility. Do people know who you are? Do they know what you can do?

Show who you are through a blog

Blog nowadays have become a sort of open book to get good insight into what people think and how they are. A blog is a great way to show off your skills and knowledge. Be sure to post at least bi-weekly and to include a photo. In your blog it is essential you focus on topics that you are an expert on. Give new ideas and thoughts on those topics, generate conversation.

Use social networks to our advantage

LinkedIn is the social network for professional networking, so use it to your advantage. Be sure to connect anything you find relevant to demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and experience in your field, such as your blog.  Keep the posts coming with your leadership and management thoughts, this will allow people and companies to get a sense of who you are.

Creating opportunities to be visible

Either volunteer or find out how you can write publications for different sources like You can also spread the word on relevant and interesting topics and share your knowledge through conferences or events developed for your industry. Make sure you always have your contact information easily visible and up to date on everything you do.

Become a thought leader

Once your professional profile is out there, you should want to become a thought leader in your industry. This will allow you to be visible to all those looking to acquire talent in their companies. You can do so, by either creating short lectures on YouTube or writing an e-book. Be sure that if you do get around to writing an ebook it gets published on, Kindle and other reputable sources that will make it more accessible and attractive.