5 things successful human resource departments do

Human Resource Departments are sometimes underestimated within the company. Many years ago people used to think that the HR area was only there to gather employment applications and interview candidates. It is distant from true. The HR department is the area that takes care of the company´s employees, the human capital. They are in charge of allowing employees to be productive and to flourish as individuals. Also, the Human Resource department has to make sure that employees are properly compensated and are fairly treated while they’re part of the company.

In fact, the HR Department can be considered one of the most important areas in the company because they are in charge of hiring the correct employees and top managers that will eventually work in the company´s facilities.  There are many attributes that make a Human Resource department important for the company and many others that make a HR department stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the most important characteristics of a successful Human Resource Department.

Fairness is one of the most important attribute of very good HR departments. The Human Resource area has to guarantee a fair dispute, if one arises, between the employees and the company; and among employees as well. Maybe the HR department cannot promise that employees will always be benefited or will always win their disputes, but they can assure every member of the company a fair trial and that there will be no cheating. HR departments decide the fate of the employees within the company and there should not be improvisation or subjectivity when it comes to that.

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Image courtesy of Robert Steinhöfel at Flickr.com

Available information for employees is crucial. And updated information is even more useful for productivity. For example, there are many programs and benefits that a company might give. It is the Human Resource Department´s job to make all this type of information available to everybody and keep employees informed. Other information on issues that might come up should be easy to access and somebody has to be there for employees when disputes or problems arise.  In other words, a HR Department should make all the employees aware of the correct behavior in the company and have and know by heart all the information related to employees and their perks; they have to really take care of employees as a happy worker means a good service for customers.

Corporate culture must be one the areas that Human Resource Departments manage best. Best practices by the company towards employees must be ensured and employees must be carefully educated or trained to be part of the company culture and follow the guidelines.  Apart from the experience an employee may have and their performance in their area, an employee must fit into the company´s culture in order to be more productive. It is the HR department responsibility to align that culture with the beliefs of employees because each company has its own Corporate Culture and some guidelines on how things should be done in order to be more productive. It’s important that the people who work within the company also understand and believe in these guidelines so there can be a win-win relation between the employees and the company.

Understanding employees and their motivations will make it easier for everybody to share the space with others. In other words, the office is the space that people share most part of the day. A good HR department will understand that space and employees lives are very important and need more reasons to work than just the paycheck. Some strategies to make the space a fun place to work or extra motivations to be in the office will motivate employees towards the company goals and theirs. If people understand that by meeting the company´s goals their own will be met as well, an employee will be more productive in many ways.

Last but not least, and it could seem a little logic that companies don’t forget this, is to pay employees on time. HR departments have to ensure the most important retribution an employee can get from the company: the salary. Well paid employees start to be happy and if the money issue is covered by the company, employees will go to work with a reason to do so. A good HR department will make this its top policy if the company is failing to do so or when hard times arrive to their doors.

Human Resource Departments are much more than hiring and firing staff.  They are responsible for the wellness of the human capital in the company. Good products and amazing services are not done or given by themselves. It is people that make sales a reality and they have to be taken into account if the company wants to be at the forefront of businesses in today’s world.