When is the moment to hire a headhunter for your vacancies?

Imagine for a moment that your company is now growing at a pace that even you are amazed and things are working smoothly. You are hiring new staff, you have to buy new machinery and you are tapping into new markets. Now, these new markets and all of the strategies to grow and expand are paying off and it is time to manage all the orders and workload that will come in the near future. Now you need to hire more experienced staff, in higher positions because you opened a new market or have a new office that is delivering excellent results. You need to start hiring at a new level, a level that is so important and involves so many responsibilities, that is something that will require time, effort and money. What to do? Is it time to use a headhunter for this process? Sometimes companies want to save money and time by having their HR departments handle the recruitment of executives all by themselves and think that without external help it could be done efficiently. Here are some signs or situations where reality is telling you that you need help from a headhunter.

Top Positions:

The first sign that you need a headhunter is because you need to start hiring for top executive positions. Whether you are a small company growing, or a big business with plenty of experience in the market, hiring a top executive is a time consuming task. Some companies have the HR department to do this, and even so, sometimes they need to hire external recruiters to help them due to the cost of not having these positions filled or the cost of missed opportunities.  

New markets:

When your company is entering new markets, new sales figures and numbers will start to come up. If the strategy is successful, new staff will be needed and new top positions will be open. If this is the case, a headhunter is more effective when it comes to new markets as they know the people and where to find them. Sometimes the search falls outside your area of expertise, and here is where a headhunter can use their knowledge and their domain know-how to speed up the process.

Networking_jason hanold_hirin a ceo_headhunter

Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee at Flickr.com

Recruiting from target companies:

When this happens, it is because a lot of characteristics come into play. Markets are sometimes really small or the location of the companies makes it difficult to hire from other places. Sometimes the expertise that the company is looking for is very scarce and there aren’t so many companies in the world with this kind of employees. When you have to hire staff that is currently working for companies that are within your market or if you need to recruit top executive talent from partner companies which your company does business with, it is better to use the services of a headhunter where confidentiality will be the most important issue and rumors will be easily avoided.

You need more referrals:

You need to hire an executive and you have already looked at your list of referrals and nobody suits you or the company. You used your company´s network and your friend´s friends and so on. Now you have run out of options. You need a headhunter to lend you his network of contacts. Headhunters know where to look and who to look for. The most successful headhunters are the ones with the best and largest networks to find the correct person for the job. After you have tapped out your entire network, you can start looking for a headhunter to help you with the job.

Time is really scarce:

Even if it is a small company, hiring staff, especially executives, is really time consuming. Hiring staff is something that turns into a full time job very quickly and consumes all the energy of a HR department. Depending on the company, the efforts are bigger and take longer.  Whether you are a small business owner, or you have an HR area to take care of recruitment, sometimes working hours are just not enough to cover the entire work load that tasks like these require. Company´s bosses lack the time or inclination to do the hiring process and can sometimes not be very helpful and risk losing the candidate to a competitor. Candidates often confide more in headhunters. So if the lack of time or motivations is going to be problem for you, it is better to hire a headhunter to get the best out of the candidates and hire the correct employee.

These are just a few pointers to think about your next move when you are going to hire staff. It is not as easy as people think and sometimes requires a little external help.