Is this the right time to hire a headhunter? Sure it is!

Most of the time, running a business involves multiple and complex tasks which make entrepreneurs allocate resources and efforts on processes that do not correspond to the main purpose of the business, leading it to be less competitive and, therefore, lose business opportunities.  Recruitment and selection processes can be long and time consuming.  However, these processes reflect directly on the success of your company.  So, when it comes to hiring the best professionals for your business, why don’t you leave it to the experts?

Headhunting is a method of recruitment where the “headhunter” or “headhunters” directly search for the profile you have requested.  They are resourceful enough not to limit the search to candidates that have applied for a job in your company.  Actually, they will consider candidates that might not be even looking for a job.  So, once you hire this service, the hunting for the best options starts!  

Nowadays, many companies have decided to outsource personnel recruitment to consultants specialized in Headhunting.  You can see the headhunter as the contact between prospects and your company, which is why he will make sure that his selection perfectly matches your expectations, and, at the same time, he will ensure that the candidate is motivated to accept your offer.  They use this method especially when searching for CEO and executive profiles, as well as in limited profiles in the market; for example, certain computer expert profiles.  

5 steps a headhunter follows to go over the:

  1. Ask you information about the position you are offering; what do you expect from the academic background, work experience, salary conditions, and so on, from the candidates?

  2. Select the sources of recruitment that best suits you.  You will be given several options such as using professional networks like Linkedin, Xing and Viadeo, contacts, or searching for candidates in companies from the competition.  In the latter, the headhunter will contact these companies in order to locate the name of the person occupying the position you want to cover.  For this purpose, he will use any excuse that will allow him to reach the desired person; for example, “I’d like to talk to the person in charge of the Accounting Department.  I’m having issues with my bill.  Could you give the name of this person?.

  3. Explain the job profile to the candidate, once he has found him.  He will also request some information from him.  If the candidate is interested in the position, he will be asked to send along his curriculum.  At this point, it is common that the name of your company, the one recruiting, is unknown to the candidate; the headhunter might avoid mentioning it for confidentiality purposes or to keep the candidate from trying to directly contact you.
  4. Make the right interviews.  You can choose if you prefer the interview to be based on the candidate’s curriculum or skills.  Once the headhunter has chosen some candidates as finalists, you will receive a report about it.
  5. Arrange a meeting for you to meet the finalists.  You will have an interview with them and then, you will have the final decision about who will be hired.

You might think that Headhunting seems to be a simple process.  However, it can be extremely complex, especially because, most of the time, the candidates you might be interested in are currently working and they are not considering a new professional option.  In this case, it becomes an excellent idea to think about outsourcing the process to optimize the time and benefits for the company.

This is a great option:

Adecco_jason hanold_Ceo Executive search

Image courtesy of Magne Hagesæter at

Adecco Group is the world’s leading company in Human Resources.  It was created when Adia and Ecco, two of the world’s top three personnel service firms, merged in 1996.  This global leader has over 50 years of expansion and growth by positioning around the world.  Although it is based in Switzerland, it has presence in over 60 countries and territories worldwide.  

Important facts you should know about Adecco

  • It offers services such as supply of personnel, either temporary or permanent placement, career transition and talent development.  It also offers outsourcing and consulting services.
  • It allows customers to easily contact professionals who fulfill the profile regarding academic background and experience, generating more value for your business.
  • It understands the need of your business as a strategic partner, so it will help you generate value for your products and / or services; streamline your projected growth; maximize process effectiveness; potentiate your competitive advantages; access new markets; improve process quality; and, optimize your physical and human resources.
  • Among its benefits, it will help you reduce and control over your expenses; have an increased responsiveness; find an approach to your business strategy; and reduce risks.  You will count on its knowledge and experience to support you through the processes while guarantying quality.