The five richest retired athletes

We have known the successful careers that many athletes have had after retiring. Sometimes it gets strange that a world class retired athlete become more famous and richer than he or she was when in competition. The reason for such success lies in the fact that these world class athletes continue to receiving endorsements, licenses, etc. after a successful sport career, so huge sports brands, drinks, etc. happily embrace them to be the image of their products, and they do not pay cheap for that. We will talk about on this post about the five athletes that kept fortune over fame after retiring referred by Forbes.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan does not need a presentation. We all know who he is, and we know especially who he was over a decade ago. After his successful career in the United States as a basketball player, Michael Jordan continues invoicing millions every year. The main reason why he usually reaches the 40 million dollars a year is linked to sports. The Nike’s endorsement back when he was still a player ended up in a whole Jordan’s brand, which he sells on his own huge building in Oregon. Also, he owns 80 percent of the Charlotte Bobcats, plus the profits and perks that Michaels Jordan gets every year of products from worldwide brands like Gatorade, Nike, and even perfume brands. That is how Michael Jordan has reached the 90 million dollars in one single year as a retired athlete.

Arnold Palmer

Being 80 something years old and still living up from your earnings after a world class athlete career is not something that many people can say. It is not the case though of American former golfer Arnold Palmer, who had the last of his 62 PGA Tour victories back in the 70s but billed roughly 40 million dollars last year. So you might be asking How is that possible? Simple. Arnold Palmer happens to run his own line of drinks that represent only a quarter of AriZona Beverages. In addition, Arnold Palmer gets profit from business in Asia, where his name sells goods in hundreds of store. Not bad at all for one of the oldest retired world class athletes.

David Beckham

This list would mean nothing if at least one representant of the most popular sport did not appear. We could say that David Beckham was one of the first soccer players hugely used on publicity. Perhaps the fact of being attractive helped him a little bit, though. But anyhow his successful career was fundamental to form his subsequent success (economically speaking) as a retired athlete that he is now. Indeed, David Beckham’s earnings in the recent years vary from 35 to 40 million dollars. These earnings are roughly achieved by his own businesses such as a cologne of his own and even an academy soccer school. In spite of the short career that soccer players face, David Beckham is a great example of how to success and get over an expired playing career.

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Jack Nicklaus

Golf has been known as an exclusive sport for the rich folks. That is perhaps the reason why we have more than one golfer on this list. Jack Nicklaus, or as his fans prefer to call him, “The Golden Bear”, had a successful career that led him to win 18 Majors. His earnings basically sum up to the profits of his company Nicklaus Design that he founded over four decades ago. This company essentially focuses its strengths on designing courses not only in the United States but also abroad, which has allowed “The Golden Bear” to build up his career as a retired world class athlete. Hundreds of courses built here and there, plus the dozens of current projects going on demonstrate his more than 30 million dollars a year.

Magic Johnson

From the list of the five richest retired athletes, Magic Johnson may be the most ambitious of all. Named Earvin Johnson Jr, this incredible retired basketball player has both a tremendous story and current retired career. His ambitions and interests on varied businesses have led him to make up to 100 million dollars in 2010 when he started opening Starbucks stores of his, plus the gains on stakes in several basketball teams. Not only that, but Magic Johnson also deliver speeches all around the world on HIV and is an activist. His earnings are usually more than 20 million dollars a year thank to the aforementioned businesses plus insurance, healthcare, food services, and staffing incomes.

To be successful as a world class athlete does not necessarily mean that retirement will be easy. However, these five wealthy retired players show us that making a living successfully after retirement is actually possible. What is a requirement for achieving it is to be cautions but sharply active.