How to have a better Human Resources Department for your company

To find a qualified staff is one of the most important processes in your company. Having the right person for each function needed can be a hard job, but it is also the first step towards a successful company. The Human Resource Department is in charge of this difficult but essential task, since people are the most valuable resource of your company. But your HR Department also manages other vital functions. For instance, it provides your employees with efficient policies and procedures that will guide and support them, work for an excellent development of the mission, vision, guiding principles and values, so they can take the company to achieve its goals, and enhance the metrics and other factors of the company that can assure it a path to progress. After seen its functions and the importance of its work in your company, it is clear that the HR Department of your company should have a proper functioning that gets better and better every day. The HR Department of your company needs to be dynamic, strategic, and a leader. But how can you accomplish this? You will find below some ideas to build up a more valuable HR Department which will lead your company to a successful path.

Use different ways of recruiting

Finding new members for your company staff is a demanding job. For this, you can use conventional methods such as recruiters, job boards, and paper-based ads, which can have excellent results. Besides, you can take advantage of the rise of social media which recent studies have shown as the most effective tool to find and recruit new employees. According to a study present in the web site “Mashable”, a job post on social media channels is faster than the other methods, since it provides only seven days the 95% of total applications, and what’s more, applicants from this recruiting method are three times more likely to apply than other candidates. The idea here is to have a more than one plan to carry on the recruitment process, since it will allow your company to have more candidates for a job opening. As a result, HR will have more opportunities to find a qualified person for the job.

Focus also in your “old” employees

As it was said in the introduction, one of the most important tasks of an HR department is to recruit new talents for a company. Well, no one can deny the importance of this task. However, HR departments sometimes aim all their attention to the recruitment of new staff members forgetting the staff members their company already has. Giving all your attention to the recruiting and onboarding process and neglecting your current employees is a mistake you should never make. It is important that your HR department keep on interested in its employees after they finish the onboarding process, and become actual staff members.

Care about the individual

Most of the time, Human Resources manages the staff members with the only purpose of accomplishing the company goals, which makes the department to consider more closely people with top performances in the company. However, this should not be in this way. If you already hired a person to be part of your company staff is because you saw talent in there. Therefore, everyone working with you is capable to reach a top performance; they just need a little push to achieve not only company goals, but also personal ones. That’s why HR should take a personalized look of each employee, and find the most efficient way to guide and communicate taking into account their characters and preferences. One interesting option is to make personality assessment tests, so you can have an idea of the different personalities in your company, and how you can work with them.

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Encourage professional development

The HR Department must provide opportunities for the professional growth of the employees. In order to do that, HR can promote group events such as seminars, conferences, meetings with experts, or even attend to university courses. Any chance for knowledge exchange is a great contribution for improving your company staff as a team, and it will help to make them more competent. In like manner, HR should encourage employees to apply as individuals for academic or professional degrees. This could be done through grants, compensations or educational benefits, mentor programs, etc. which will show to employees the company support in this matter.

In conclusion, it is fair to say that HR has the management of the most valuable resource of a company: employees. That’s why the work of this department should move towards a better understanding of human needs that go beyond money and are closer to inner fulfillment.