5 CEO ideologies that will do more harm than good.

The most important part of a company is the work force, it includes all employees in it, when employees and managers work together they truly can make a company shine. So one of the most important thing when thinking about you company is make sure there are in good hands so you should be really careful when choosing the head of it, the CEO or Chief Executive Officer. An important thing to know is that there are not specific qualities or personalities that are better for managing a company, on the other hand there are a lot of options that may benefit your company, as a company will be better built if different personalities and points of view make part of the different processes. One of the most important things though, is to know how your CEO manages business, how he thinks and what ideologies or ideas are better or worse for your company. Today we are going to see a couple of ideologies that may harm you company and that should be noted when choosing a CEO, as if a leader shows them it should be put in doubt if he is really CEO material.

1 . No room for failure

Some people may think that the best of motivating and encouraging success is to discourage and punish failure, doing this will not only cause low morale and discouraged employees but may also slow down innovation and creativity. Failure is necessary and must be encouraged by the CEO (on a small scale of course), this will make employees more comfortable with speaking and giving ideas, knowing that even if they are wrong they will be listened and taken into account. Failing is not an end, it will just help you showing you the way to the correct way of doing it just as Thomas Alba Edison said: “I did not fail a thousand times, I found a thousand ways that will not work”.

2. Why fix what is not broken?

Our world is now based in creativity and innovation and that is something companies must seek and strive for. Using this ideology will make the company become outdated faster than their competitors and this is something a company cannot afford in this century. By staying in the comfort zone the company will be mediocre, a good company will find ways to improve even the things that work fine.

3. You should carefully manage risks

Big risks tend to have big rewards, the most successful people and companies are those that were not fearful and decided to go a step further. Like we said before, staying on your comfort zone will make your company mediocre, so it is necessary to sometimes take risks.

4. Protect your best ideas

Some leaders think the best way to deal with the best ideas is to keep them secret, so they cannot be stolen, but in reality the best thing you can do is show it to the people. Even if the plans are initially ridiculed, it will by the end be seen for what it is, an amazing and innovative idea. Remember to listen to the feedback of your customers, it is really important to address what works and what does not work with them.

5. Find the best way and stick to it

Like we have said before, innovation is really important and, on the other hand, comfort zones tend to be bad. You may respect tradition a lot, but sometimes it is good to reevaluate processes specially when talking about business. Just because it has been done like this for a lot of time it does not mean it is right. Remember the world is constantly changing and your company must adapt to the new technologies and the changes that are constantly happening, a business that does not evolve will likely cause a disaster.

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Who your CEO will make a difference, a good one will bring your company to a good spot while a bad one will send it to disaster and the best part is the good one will be probably thinking how much further he can take it. Remember to also take into account your employees so it is necessary for you to know exactly how your group works and what characteristics will be most useful when working with them. So it is not an easy decision to make, so you better make sure the one you choose is the one that fits the need of you company. We hope this information is useful for you and your company, remember to check our blog for more similar content by Jason Hanold. Like we said in the article a good work environment is necessary for your company to shine so we recommend the article  5 Signs to know if you are in a Toxic Work Environment.