Employer branding: 5 ways to improve it within an organization

The world of human resources has experienced an outstanding evolution throughout the decades, and that is certainly no secret. The most amazing thing about it is that every new step in this evolution, increases the attention to people’s well-being within their work environments.

In the early nineties the term “employer branding” appeared as the way to describe, improve and sustain the reputation an organization has as an employer, including all the efforts and strategies the organization adopts in order to make sure its employees are treated the best way possible, guaranteeing a fabulous place to work for them in terms of not only professional but also personal development. The employer branding will of course make a greater effect on those who are still external to the organization, such as, candidates, customers, suppliers and other types of stakeholders. Employer branding has a lot to do with the marketing strategies of the company. Although the target is different, both are somehow responsible for how the company is perceived and considered in the different markets, and that detail there is one of the main factors that will help retain good talent.

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Here is the list of the top 5 best ways to improve the employer branding within an organization:

Managers, bosses or leaders should be coaches

It is commonly known that people don’t normally quit their jobs, the quit their bosses. And this in not something a company will be able to control unless it invests in turning their team leaders into real coaches, that are not only there to lead the flow of the work that needs to be done, but are also there to support their team members and take the best out of them as professionals and as persons.

Time and space flexibility is clue

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For many, working remotely is one of the best options a company can offer. Distance, weather conditions or other inconveniences should not be a problem when it comes to working a full-time job. Companies should become more open to the idea that a person does not need to be sitting nine to five at their desk, in an office, wearing a suit or high heels in order to perform their job correctly. Another important thing to take into account is that the same timing does not always work for everyone. Some are morning persons and prefer getting up very early, get everything done before 2 pm and leave the afternoon for other activities and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are working less time than the average that work on a conventional schedule. Others may feel more productive, concentrated or more energetic during the night and that can also be a valid point of view. The important thing is to make the company’s communication flow in such a good way that it all can be possible, allowing these two types of flexibility. This is something employees value very much.

Recognition and appreciation count

Good employees know when they do a good job and that makes them feel good. It will make them feel better if their team leaders mention it to them. And it will make them feel a whole lot better if their effort and great results receive a recognition within the company. Making people feel appreciated will generate an invisible but powerful bond between the company and the employee. Appreciation and gratitude should be expressed in a sincere way in order to generate sincere commitment and passion towards the working environment.

Connect employees to a purpose

When people connect their heart to a greater purpose that is not only work related, much better results will come out of it. People need to feel that what they are working for and what they are doing is going to make a difference in some way, for someone o in some place. The goal should not always be translated into business success. Actually one of the factors that are becoming more attractive for candidates that apply to job offers in different companies worldwide is the fact that the companies have a social purpose additional to their commercial activity. There is a growing conscience within new generations of professionals that reach out to opportunities that also have social orientation to improve other people’s life or current situations and that is something all companies should eventually follow.

Pay attention to building career paths for everyone

Great professional will always seek for improvement, whether it is intellectual growth or achieving goals thru gaining professional experience that will make them better at their job. All this training will generate opportunities for people to become leaders or experts in what they do and be able to guide others thru their own paths. Building a career path for every employee will generate benefit not only for the employee but also the company, sooner than anyone can realize.