How to write a great welcome letter for employees

The welcome letter should be described as a gesture of courtesy and consideration to someone that joins the personal of your company. It is a good way to show him that you appreciate his interest, presence or efforts to do something under your management. This letter can be formal or informal, depending on the situation. When you are welcoming a new employee to your organization, for example, the document will be formal. To write a welcome letter, the goal is to break the ice between you and your new friend, colleague, neighbor, customer or employee, as well as to make a good impression. It is an opportunity to show him that he or she are valued. They should feel at home in their new environment and pleasantly surprised by the gesture of welcome. The welcome letter has the usual structure, but depending on who is writing and why it is going to start with different greetings and following either with a reserved or relaxed tone.

The welcome letter also explains the details about the position. An internal memorandum can be used to convey this information. Make that he or she feels comfortable with the decision of working for you. Tell him details about the position. These include the name of work, functions, supervisor and subordinates, compensation, benefits, hours, rules and regulations, etc. If it seems appropriate, mention the qualities that impressed you into hiring him, and offer your help for the near future.

Start your letter of welcome with ‘ Dear Mr. Smith ‘ (to someone who has just joined the staff).’ The first paragraph must be cozy; one that reveals the excitement of the arrival of the new employee, and it must contain 2-3 strong phrases that express that feeling. Concise and expressive without being too dramatic. Build the body of the letter with 3-4 paragraphs. If you write a formal letter that represents your company, include some details about the organization. Vary the body of the letter by the addition of images as files attached. The letter can contain a detailed calendar for the first week at work on the new job, providing basic information about the new employer. Organizations tend to adopt patterns of welcoming new employees. A welcome letter must be sent to all new employees before starting the day. Configure them for success with a welcome letter, because he may be excited by his first day, prepare him with the orientation, and give the necessary information for the first day. A welcome letter must be as personal as possible. Don’t say to a new employee that he was hired because of general attributes. Let him know what you see in him, and why he was hired. Make them feel as if they had been elected to something special. Study after study has shown that the first days are very influential to long term success of an employee in a company, and even whether or not he is going to stay for the long term. Small things such as a joining welcome letter could mean large profits for the workplace if done correctly.

Here is a welcome letter template, which serves the purpose of welcoming your new employee to your organization. As a Human Resources professional, you want to help new employees acclimate in their workplace. Jason Hanold invites you to use this new hire welcome letter template to start an efficient onboarding process:


“Dear Mr. [employee’s name]

Welcome on board! We’re delighted that you are joining us. We were impressed with your knowledge and skills and we can’t wait to see you in action.

I’d like to welcome you to [Name of Company]. We are excited that you have taken our job offer and agreed upon your start date. I trust that this letter finds you excited about your new employment with [Name of Company].

You will take some time at the beginning to sign the employment contract and any other paperwork necessary for us. You will familiarize yourself with your workstation and set up registration in any other hardware. We’re expecting you for new employee orientation on [Date]. You will meet with me to talk about your successful integration into our company and with HR staff to learn about employment related issues.

To help you familiarize yourself with the company, we have arranged your entrance to our employee database here: [link]. We want to guarantee that you feel cozy and hit the ground running.

Our dress code is

. We have enclosed benefit forms and the employment contract so you may have time to review them before your sign.

Again, welcome to the team, we are very pleased to have you with the company. If you have questions previous to your start date, don´t hesitate in calling me at any time, or send me an email. We are looking forward to having you come on board.

Best regards,