Tony Hawk: pro after being a pro

How many of you are familiarized with the sport of skateboarding? Have you ever ridden a skateboard? Do you have children that skate or that use skateboards? Well, maybe this post will come a little strange to you.

Yes, there is a sport called skateboarding where people try to do very risky maneuvers on hand rails and over stairs in the street. There are also places called skate parks where people that practice this sport can go and have fun and use a course designed just for them. This sport also has competitions, brands and a big industry behind the sport. It also has professionals that are role models and other that are just not the person you want to follow. Like in any other sport.

One of those top professionals and now father of a beautiful family and owner of a skateboarding company brand and distribution is Tony Hawk. This skateboarder is one of the first one to take the sport to a whole new level with his trick, creativity, style and charisma.  Since he appeared in the scene he has been the referent for almost anything that has to do with skateboarding. Of course, he now is in his late 40s and many other skateboarders are now in the spotlight where he used to be, but he still has ricks under his sleeve to impress his fans and the whole skateboarding industry. Let’s see what this pro skateboarder is all about now that he is professional father and husband.

One of the best Professional skateboarders in history,  Tony Hawk,  was born on May 12, 1968, in San Diego, California. Tony was considered a struggle by his mother due to his special condition of hyperactivity. He was also very intelligent, which made him even more difficult to control and to take care of. When he was 9 years old, his older brother gave him the best gift he could have ever received: a skateboard. Now, he had a way of letting all that energy go out from his body.

Tony got really good at  skateboarding  and by the age of 12, he found his first sponsor, Dogtown skateboards. He rode with passion for the brand and after 2 years he became a professional skateboarder. He was already considered one of the best skateboarders at that time and he was only 16 years old.

Skateboarding was on the rise in the late 80s, but it experienced a downfall for the early 90s. Tony Hawk and many pro skaters saw how their salaries diminished and their jobs ended. Tony did not wait for things to get worse after seeing himself almost bankrupt and he started a skateboarding company called BirdHouse with the help of Per Welinder, another pro skateboarder. At the beginning, again, it was not easy as extreme sports were seen as a bad thing for kids and had a dark fame behind the sport. Then, the rise of extreme sports generated new interest in skateboarding and Hawk saw his company grow to what it is today.

As for his personal life, he has been married quite sometimes. He first married  Cindy Dunbar and that lasted from 1990 to 1994. They had a son, Riley, in 1992, who also became a skateboarder and is now one of the best in the industry. The couple divorced in 1993, and then he married Erin Lee in 1996 and they had two sons. The first one was  Spencer, who was born in 1999, and the next one was Keegan, who was born in 2001. He then divorced Lee in 2004, and then he went to marry Lhotse Merriam in 2006. The beautiful couple had a daughter, Kadence, in 2008. Not yet tired, he and Merriam divorced in 2011, and he then married Catherine Goodman in 2015.

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Tony Hawk is already 48 years old and you could think he is not skateboarding anymore. Wrong. He still rides, he gives skateboarding demonstrations, and he devises new tricks at his custom-built ramp at the Birdhouse warehouse. He has a skateboarding business with his brand but he also has a successful line of video games, he produces skateboarding videos, and he has an extreme sports tour called Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom HuckJam. Not being enough Hawk hosts a radio program every week on the Sirius XM satellite radio station.

And he doesn’t stop there. He does much philanthropist works through his foundation called the ‘Tony Hawk Foundation’. Until the date he has donated over $3.4 million to help build more than 400 skate parks in the United States. He is also a co-founder of the charity named ‘Athletes for Hope’.

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