Rob Dyrdek: from professional skateboarder to rich entrepreneur

Skateboarding is getting popular nowadays. It is even going to be an Olympic sport for the next Olympics in 2020.Professionals Skateboarders have been in the scene for almost 30 years now and most of the first ones have already retired. We had a post on Tony Hawk and his life as a skateboarder and owner of his own brands.

Continuing with our review in retired skateboarders, we bring you yet another athlete that has gone big after retiring from professional skateboarding. His name:  Robert Stanley, also known as Rob Dyrdek. He is already in his mid-40s so many kids may not know him and some of us definitely remember him. His story as a professional skateboarder is amazing, but better yet is his path to get to be an entrepreneur and rich professional skateboarder by being a wise investor.

Rob Dyrdek came to this world on the 28th June 1974 in Kettering Ohio. His real name is Robert Stanley and he started off as a professional American skateboarder. He was at the top at the time where Tony Hawk, and many more where already falling from the top. He also started to do small things for MTV taking advantage of the skateboarding community he had supporting him. Some of his most well-known shows are  “Ridiculousness“, rob and big and Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

In his early life when he was a child he received his first skateboard from a former professional called Neil Blender, who at that time was at the top of his game and liked to help young kids who had talent in the sport. He had the chance to develop an interest in skateboarding when he was at school and his mind only had space for that sport. In fact, as a child, all he would think about when he was in school was about all the tricks he would do after school. When he was just 12 years old he got his first sponsor deal with a company that supported skateboarder like Neil Blender and himself and this is when his fame rose. Then, he decided to quit together with blender to start the very well-known company Alien Workshop which is currently among the top skateboarding brands in the industry.  At age 16, Rob Dyrdek had already quit high school and was following his dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder all the way down to Southern California. Here he landed the sponsorship of Danny Way with his company DC shoes, formerly known as Droors Clothing.

As a skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek broke many superficial GWR (Guinness World Records). Some of them are peeling and eating a big amount of bananas while skating and eating the most powdered donuts while skating. It may sound dumb, but this is what cemented his career as a skateboarder and TV star. Other more serious records include the largest skateboard in the world; 46 consecutive front side ollies, 12 ollie big spins, 73 consecutive Nollie kick-flips, 12 circle flips in 1 minute, 15 heel flips in 1 minute, 215 consecutive ollies, 22 Nollie kick-flips in 1 minute, the longest stationary manual, 9 switch front-side kick-flips in 1 minute, the longest rail grind (50-50) 100 feet in 2007, the longest board slide in 2007 and the highest skateboard ramp jump into water 3.29m set in 2007. And lastly he, was one of the founding forefathers of the Skateboarding league known as SLS (Street League Skateboarding) which in now one of the biggest events in the skateboarding industry.

Biggest Skateboard in the world. Rob Dyrdek_jason hanold_from professional skateboarder to rich entrepreneur

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So after all this skateboarding pro life, Rob went on to become an entrepreneur. His fortune is worth more or less $15 million and it is rumoured that he has even more. Around  $40 million because of his vast business interests and various investments. Rob Dyrdek took advantage of his DC sponsorship and landed a deal that has kept him busy for many years. He also took partnership in brands such as  Alien Workshop, Monster energy and Silver Trucks. He also has partnerships with a number of brands such as Bill My Parents, DTA Rogue Status and Instant Scoring Experience. And last but not least, he also owns a toy company owned by him and his friends. The toy company has 6 characters.

Rob Dyrdek currently lives in a $2.25 million dollar Hollywood mansion with  4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, stunning valley, mountain and city views. He also loves cars and he owns a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari 458, a Porsche Panamera and an Aston martin DB9. He isn’t married and prefers to spend his time around family and friends.  He currently lives alone with his two bulldogs; Meaty and Beefy.

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