Things you need to be hired as a Chief Marketing Officer

What do you think it takes to be a good Marketing Executive? Not much? Back in the day, the marketing area was underestimated because it was thought that their job was not very important in the sales process. In fact, the most important areas in a company used to be the financial area, the planning area, and the sales area.

Nowadays the context has changed and so has the way companies view the process and the trading dynamic. Today, marketing executives are highly required because the corporate world understood that part of the process is making the clients feel the company as close as possible and to retain the old customers with feelings that they can relate to the product and the company.

So, the marketing area is now at the same level of the financial area. So, the marketing executive is now a person that has the power of decision and can handle big budget with core strategies. So, what does it take to fulfil that position? What does it take to be a successful Chief Marketing Officer? Jason Hanold tried to answer that question and here are the results of his research.

A successful CMO must be all of the following:

  • Multichannel expert:  in every area the question about being a specialist or knowing a little bit about everything is always in the air. Well, in marketing, is better to know about everything. And yes, while specialists are needed all the time, a successful CMO can manage multi-channel issues and can understand how to handle all types of channels if he or she has a background in multichannel.
  • A Technical geek: it can also be called a Technical marketer. Successful CMOs need to understand the technical landscape of the product and its dynamics. Also, they need to understand the technology around marketing strategies: for example, nowadays, more and more developers are being hired to make part of marketing teams.
  • Be a Designer: visual pieces and the internet and the mobile technology make the design even more important nowadays. Top CMOs need to understand, manage and even master design strategies and ideas so they can communicate the company´s values and story to the public. In a world of clicks, likes, shares, views, followers and twist design is the factor that can decide what gets seen and what gets trashed in a split of a second. The most successful marketers are not only checking on designs and pieces, but they are also collaborating with the design team and producing the communication strategy from the core.

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  • Customer Lifecycle manager: amazing CMOs already know how to acquire customers, make them happy and never let them go. Marketing is a keystone in the customer lifecycle because it has direct communication with the customers and aims at meeting the customer’s needs in each and every part of the production operation. Successful CMOs propose strategies that aim at managing the customer lifecycle and to make sure that customers are happy with any of the post services they need.
  • Data geek:  everybody knows that things are supported by data. The most successful CMOs understand that measurement and analytics are a key factor for success and to sell an idea. This proves the value behind the marketing department and makes it easier for CMOs to ask for budget allocation.
  • Visionary: when we talk about visionary we are saying that the special and successful CMOs can be ahead of the game and can see and identify trends before they even get here. With this ability, successful marketers can forecast hiring, resources, campaigns, market shifts, and be always one or two steps ahead of the competence.
  • A great people hunter: here we refer to leaders that know who and how to hire people. Successful CMOs have the ability to put together very good teams that work in perfect harmony.  It is about getting the people that understand the dynamics, similar to a sports team. The best CMOs can understand what motivates their teams and know how to use that talent in order to make the company more successful.
  • A Great Communicator: this is one of the first skills good CMOs need to have. The marketing area has a relation with almost every department of the company so the CMO needs to be able to communicate beautifully with every team at the company. Also, the Marketing area is similar to a megaphone for the company and this is the way that the company reaches out to the customers and the public that is interested or affected by the company.

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