Retired baseball players that have 9-5 jobs

Retired baseball players that have 9-5 jobs

Professional athletes start their careers early in life. Take Messi for example. He went to Barcelona football club when he was only 13 years old and became the top professional in the Spanish league. Very few professional players follow a different path than the one that is related to sports. Some of the players retire with team relationships; some others become entrepreneurs and some others just do not succeed in life.

Baseball players are no different from the rest. They train hard, they start playing professionally at early ages and rarely do they work in other things. Unfortunately, the majority of players do no study an academic career or are not interested in studying because they want to dedicate their entire life to their sports and their training.

So, what do MLB retired players do? What are their lives like after retiring from the fields? Some of them if not all of them retire with good cash in their pockets and with a good reputation. There are others that go on to work in normal, 9 to 5 jobs.

Let’s take a look at those retired MLB players who are working as a regular joe would do.


John Rocker is a controversial and loved and hated conservative writer.  He had a big dominance inside the field and outside of it that was outspoken and sometimes rude and offensive. After playing for almost all of his youth, the 20s and 30s he became a writer and wrote his autobiography. He is so controversial that he once compared Manhattan to Beirut and had a view of the subway in New York as of a filthy place full of gays, ex-convicts, AIDS patients and teen moms. Rocker works for the World Net Daily that is a website focused on conservative points of view and ideas and supports columns written by Rocker with controversial titles such as  “Leftist lunatics: You needn’t stay in America,” “We the People? More like we the dopes,” and “At least Israelis know their leader loves their country.”


Retired baseball players that have 9-5 jobs

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Doug Mirabelli went to become a real estate agent and a very successful one. Mirabelli played for 12 years in the MLB reaching two World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 2007. Mirabelli started working in the real estate industry for a company called Coldwell Banker in Michigan. He is also a volunteer at the University of Florida where he is the coach´s assistant for the softball team.


Gerut played for 5 teams in the MLB and was an outstanding outfielder. He was also a player that always started in the game and was rarely seen on the bench.  Gerut now works for Wasserman Media Group  as a player agent, where he strongly focuses on personal finance. Gerut got a license from the SEC and he could then work as an investment adviser. He firmly believes that players need a lot of help with their personal finances and he has committed himself to educate players on such matter. He wants to be known in the sports world as “the anti-bankruptcy agent.”


Have you ever seen that TV show where a guy rescues bars from bankruptcy? Serafini’s professional baseball life was a long one where he played seven big-league seasons, went to japan, Mexico and the Atlantic League. His last pitch throw was in the year 2013 in the Mexican League and he then went to try luck with a bar called  The Bullpen at Aspen Glen. The TV show Bar Rescue paid him a visit in order to correct some mistakes and the name changed to  the Oak Tavern


This guy played for 8 years in a row in the MLB. He is a legend among the Giants fans because he was the one who took the Giants to the NL West title in 1997. Brian retired in the year 2001 and works for the Kaleidoscope Group which takes care of business development consulting. He also worked some time for JPMorgan Chase in the mortgage sector. He is now working in the diversity training area for the same company and he gives courses and programs on how to  educates employees on topics such as age, religion and gender in the office or work space.


This player stayed in the MLB for almost 10 years.  He had two All-Star appearances, won 2 World Series rings and was the Most Valuable Player in 2006. He played for the Angels and the Cardinals as a middle infielder, a good batter and a key player in both teams.

After his baseball career, he went to work with his wife in a clothing company for sci-fi fans called “her universe” and they are now very successful with their multi-million dollar company.

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