Four retired golfers who have succeeded as entrepreneurs

Four retired golfers who have succeeded as entrepreneurs

Gary Player

This South African golfer is not only recognized for having earned over 165 titles, in addition he is one of the architects of golf courses most renowned in the world. His retirement wasn´t excuse to get away from this sport and the healthy living. Therefore, with over 60 years, he stills go to the gym continuously where he trains his entire body.

Gary Player has managed to make his retired life a moment to excel as an entrepreneur. At present, it has 11 million euros and an excellent image. Only in 2008 he grossed 21 million euros to charity, making golf events in Cape Town, London, Shanghai and Palm Beach.

In the world, there are 300 golf courses designed by him. Among them, there is one in Indura project, a resort located in the port city of Tela in Honduras. The stage has 18 holes and five outings, besides being located so that the panoramic is always overlooking nature reserves as Punta Sal and Punta Isopo. Moreover, as the game progresses, players will go deeper into the jungle, with the aim that they can see different species of animals. The golf course opened since October 25, 2013 and is now a meeting place for international competitions.

There are also designs of Gary Player in La Paz, Mexico. This counts with 6,668 yards and 18 holes, located specifically on the coasts of Cortez Sea. Another golf course of this champion golfer, is in Johannesburg, Africa. It is called the Leopard Creek and is recognized for having views of the Kruger National Park.

Greg Norman

This Australian continued his life not only as a businessman after retiring from golf, but also managed to position his mark in several areas. Thanks to this, he receives 300 million dollars a year. His logo, a white shark, is inspired by the nickname he earned in the PGA circuit by razing the score and also because of the white of his hair.

His company, Greg Norman Golf Course Design, has more than 70 fields located in different countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Japan and South Africa.Besides that, the company has sales in other businesses. The Greg Norman Collection, created from a union with Johnnie Walker, offers sportswear and accessories. On the other hand, Greg Norman Estates, created in 1996, sells high quality wines with varieties of Australia, California and Argentina. Other fields where you can find the name of this businessman and champion golfer is Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy, Greg Norman Eyewear, Greg Norman Australian Prime and he even owns a grille in Australia, in Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach in Sydney .

Jack Nicklaus

Four retired golfers who have succeeded as entrepreneurs

Image courtesy of: Torrey Wiley

This ex-golfer has shown in his 75 years of life, being a multifaceted person with a unique facility for business. After retiring from the sport in which his ability and his way of being gave him the nickname of “golden bear”, he has created over 12 companies with his signature. That´s how it has managed to gain 30 million dollars over the years.

The success of Jack Nicklaus also teaches about the value of teamwork and the importance of building strong relationships in the family. Jack has managed to position his companies thanks to their four sons who work with him to achieve becoming recognized in the world, especially in Asia.

Among the twelve industries that this family has, the most recognized is responsible for designing golf courses since 1970. At present, there are over 200 fields of this company around the world. Among the most famous is Muirfield Village Golf Club located in Ohio, United States and built in 1974. This scenario of 18 holes, is ranked as one of the top 100 golf courses in North America.

Later in 1992, along with Nelson Doubleday, was created the company Nicklaus Golf Equipment that offers golf accessories of high quality. Although it started only in Florida, for the year 2000 it was necessary to create a new factory because of the success it had. Another company of Nicklaus offers training and certification for aspiring professional golfers. The rest of the industries of Jack Niclauss are in different areas like selling video games, collectibles objects that used to belong to the golfer and even have a real estate firm in Florida.

Arnold Palmer

This man retired since 2006 with more than 80 lathes cattle. Since that time he started business of different kinds until the day of his death on September 25, 2016.

Among the variety of businesses consolidated, there is the great success of the drink iced tea with lemonade that has his name. Innovative Flavors was first one in distributed it in 2001, but in mid-2000 became part of Arizona Beverage Company, managing to represent up today, approximately 25% of company revenue.

Besides this, Adam Palmer used to have a chain of clothing stores, be presenter advertisements, and owning his own restaurant and the club Bay Hill Club and Lodge.