Keys to have happy employees and how Google does it

When talking about the happiness of employees, few companies stop to think about it. However, generating a clear corporate culture and a pleasant working environment, not only retain talent but also can increase the productivity of the company. Although there is no key formula to make the employees happy, there are some recommendations to follow that can lead to this.

Before asking or offer things or service, it is important that the company is clear about its purpose and the consequences it brings every action performed. So, first of all, you should have a mission and vision to specify the direction of the company and from this, motivate employees to know and to be part of the quest to achieve those goals.

Another point to analyze before starting any project on improving the mood of employees is to review the balance between work and economic retribution. The efforts of the people working for the company must be paid fairly, if not, it will hardly affect a strategy to bring happiness.

To begin, it must be created awareness of the importance of employees and that as human beings, their life does not just work. Therefore, the company must assure quality time and this refers to measure the number of emails and phone calls when they are not working. Also, be able to offer flexible working method will make them feel happier because that way they are the ones who decide which is the best time to work and to pursue their personal affairs. In this action is implied that the company values each person and understand that everyone is different.

Another factor that can increase the happiness of staff is to perform feedback in short periods of time. This not only prevents the same mistake is committed for a long term (with all the consequences that this entails) but the level of employee stress is less when delivering final results. Here it is important to clarify that the feedback goes both ways and that managers must also listen and improve what they propose.

It is also important that among all the members of the company, there is an atmosphere of camaraderie, where everyone gets to know each other. With this, it is achieved that the employee, when goes to work, feels in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. To achieve this, you can perform integrations, virtual meetings, face reunions etc. However, in this case, must be careful not to overdo it with the number of meetings and make each of them is important and with a specific goal.

Another way to seek integration is promoting exercise. Several studies claim that 78% of people are happier when they exercise at least three times a week. The company can promote sport separating spaces outside of working hours with pilates classes, yoga, hiking, etc.

Although the above are some of the primary factors to improve the mood of employees, to achieve this you need to deeper the information and vary the options according to the characteristics of the company. The development of this strategy should not be isolated, but a continuous work.


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Google: A good company to work at

This company is recognized for being one of the best places to work. Google has a team that is specifically responsible for conducting studies to analyze the conditions of workers and measure results. Although it seems that this company spends a lot of money in this area, indeed, all decisions taken are measures to ensure that there are no wastes. Improving the quality of mind of its employees, not only increases productivity but costs of layoffs and hiring are avoided.

There are many factors that make nice to work on Google. Among them, they offer fair balances for their efforts. For example, a software engineer can earn about $ 128,000. In addition, they also give a post-mortem salary, where the couple will continue receiving for 10 years, 50% of the salary that his partner used to receives.

This company is also responsible for motivating employees to suggest proposals to improve the positive work environment. In addition, Google provides an opportunity to work one day a week on “special” projects that do not have to be directly linked to the company.

Google also promotes teamwork in different ways, among the best known, is the service bike 5 seats, so that they all have to be coordinated to advance. In the same way, in the company, there are also recreational areas such as swimming pools and bowling, where they can relax and know each other.

As for feeding time, Google offers free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where they take into account the different tastes of their workers, including vegetarian and sushi food. Also, the tables are elongated in order that everyone can relate to each other.

Out of all this, the company also offers massages, laundry, slides instead of stairs, and paid maternity leave of five months.