The best way to improve productivity in companies

The best way to improve productivity in companies

Due to the multiple changes in technology and job trends around the world, current employees have the opportunity to find in an easier way the job they want and require for their lives, so companies must think and develop new strategies to retain their staff in good working conditions. Today is not enough for workers to get a decent salary, but to see that their employers worry about them, showing how much important they are and their value for companies.

A lot of companies still think that raising their employee’s salary or giving them bonuses makes them happy, but things are changing and for them, money is not the only thing. Workers also need and want another kind of motivations beyond their salary, like more free time or to feel appreciated. In other words, salary is important, but there are a lot of other things that companies should consider.

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Multiple studies have proved that employees’ productivity is directly related to their working happiness. A happy worker reduces its level of absenteeism and stress, which means more operational time. A glad worker could increase its efficiency in more than 15%, while an unhappy employee reduces its capability in more than 10%. This increase can be explained through the worker feelings. If it is glad about its work and feels positive, it will be more resourceful, solving operative problems in a better way.

A pleased employee will have better performance in team working if it has good feelings and emotions, so companies must support their staff not only with money benefits but making them feel important and what they do means something for the corporation. If an employee feels this, it will improve the way how it connects with other working partners.

Another important factor is the engagement and commitment of workers with companies. If the employee feels happy and company concerns about it, the engagement will be major and its commitment with its labors will be higher, due to the worker will want to reattribute all what organization has given to it.

In conclusion, a company that cares and concerns about their workers, and supports them not only with money but understanding what they want and need to feel content, it will increase its productivity and efficiency. Besides, it is proven that a company with happy employees will have happy customers, as a result of its engagement.

Companies with the happiest employees


This Company located in Mountain View, California is well-known not only for its technology innovations but for being one of the companies most concerned about its employees in the world. The human resources strategy in Google is ruled by 8 principles: Be a good coach, empower your team, express interest in team members’ success, be productive and results-oriented, be a good communicator, help your employees with career development, have a clear vision for your team and have key technical skills to help the team.

In other words, Google’s working culture is focused on persons not only in operational tasks. They promote the personal growth and the work-life balance to keep employees happy, bringing to the company the best results.


Located in Mountain View, California and with more than 21.000 employees, this cyber-security company promotes their workers’ knowledge, which gives them the opportunity to reach better positions in company. Also, Symantec helps their workers paying its engineering studies improving their skills.


With a workers’ satisfaction of 97%, this social network located in California has one of the best working environments and is considered one of the best companies to work in the world. In their offices, employees have access to laundry, restaurants, gyms, doctors, bike routes, among other things. Moreover, Facebook is pet-friendly, so staff can go to their workplaces with their pets.

Facebook also supports the creativity of their staff members, through the design of inspiring environments, which let workers create innovative solutions. The company also promotes their employees free time, allowing them to stay more time with their parents, making the hobbies they like or anything else they want.

The best way to improve productivity in companies

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In summary, those companies who have a people approach are more productive than those who do not, because promoting their personal development will increase their professional performance. In other words, those businesses who are worried about workers’ feelings and their needs, become in the most effectiveness organizations. Also, if employees have a perfect work-life balance, they will labor with a bigger effort and more engagement.

On the other hand, if companies promote people and make recognitions about what they are doing, workers will feel more grateful with organizations, paying all this credits and promotions with hard and commitment work. Besides, if employees are dedicated, they will increase their teamwork and leadership.

Promoting and supporting people not only make better workers and leaders for companies, but better persons for society.