How to become an actor after being a fighter

How to become an actor after being a fighter

For those who still don’t know, there is a sport that involves every existing martial art. This sport is called Mixed Martial Arts or MMA and fighters here don’t take it slow or light, they come with everything and try to retire when their bodies still allow them to do some other sensations things after being fighters.

However, retiring is not that simple when it comes to MMA. The biggest organization in charge of promoting MMA fighters is known as Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) and it offers juicy contracts to fighters, so they stay firm when a combat against the right contender is arranged. Fighters need to meet certain criteria so they can be released from their contracts.

Let’s picture that a fighter has made it into retirement, its knees, elbows, shoulders and especially its brain didn’t suffer that much on the octagon. This is the moment when that former fighters need to start thinking about its future. If money came and stayed, that’s a win-win, they only need to invest it on something their manager or financial advisors believe is profitable. The other situation comes when money came but it also went away, this is the moment for former fighters to start looking for a post-athlete career on something they are good at.

There are many MMA fighters whose only skill and talent is fighting in a cage. Trying to break other’s dude body is the only thing the know how to do (and they have done it right for several years). Nevertheless, they can still find nice and decent jobs as coaches, sports educators, personal trainers, nutrition experts, fight promoters and, in most cases Hollywood actors.

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In this article, Jason Hanold will talk about MMA fighters who decided to become actors after hanging the gloves and stepping out of the octagon.

Once a fighter, now an actor

Success is the result of mixing many things such as talent, discipline, and love for what you do. These concepts come naturally to some former fighters when they step into an announcer’s booth to shot an ad, a TV show or a movie. It is almost guaranteed that individuals who became famous while they were UFC fighters and are talented actors, will by all means also succeed in this field, and their retirement will stop being such a difficult change to digest. After all, actors also receive juicy contracts for entertaining their audience.

Some good examples of fighters who had made it into Hollywood to become actors are listed below:

Georges St. Pierre

Being one of the most representative UFC fighters of all time, Georges St. Pierre (or GSP) decided to retire after earning the Welterweight Champion title twice. He started being offered different parts in different movies when he was still fighting. However, the highest point so far in his acting career came when he was asked to play the part of Georges Batroc in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier along with Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and, Samuel L. Jackson.

Thanks to his skills as a fighter, GSP has received offers to also act as a fighter, since he is considered to be one of the most amazing unarmed combatants of all time. Besides, it is no secret to anyone that the Canadian former fighter cares a lot about discipline and preparation, elements that are key to his success in every path he decides to take.

Gina Carano

How to become an actor after being a fighter

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Beautiful, strong and talented, Gina Carano is quite a catch in and out of the octagon. She had an outstanding record in as a Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts fighter before she decided to hang the gloves and try her best at the movies – where she has made a terrific impression.

Acting alongside with well-known actors like Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor and Michael Douglas, Gina Carano has proved she can take lead parts on big Hollywood productions and leave everyone amazed. Participating primarily in action movies, Carano has been praised for giving movies a touch of reality that comes from her natural fighting skills.

Being a work in progress, Carano not only has become a powerful aCarano, she has also worked as a model for different sports campaigns and magazines. Always showing an A-class body and great energy for the job.

Acting on her latest part as Angel Dust on the Deadpool movie, Carano has shown the audience how a former fighter can also be good at other stuff, being able to pursue a career as a successful actress outside the octagon. So far, she has signed multiple contracts to play different roles, one of them as the lead character for the female version of the movie “The Expendables”, where she once again will kick the living days of someone –who probably had it coming.