How to communicate to candidates they will not continue in the processes

In every recruitment process, there will be a time when some of the candidates will not continue. Every recruitments process has its steps and these are carefully designed in order to act as filters in which the best candidates will continue during the process and the ones that are not so good, will stay behind and at some point, they will be dismissed.

Believe it or not, the moment when a company or a recruiter decides a candidate should not continue in the recruitment process is one of the steps recruiters should pay more attention to. This is where the company’s reputation and employer branding are in stake. A company can easily go from being an organized, friendly and caring company during the entire process, by managing it professionally, in the eye of candidates, to being a sloppy, messy company that has a huge lack of coordination within its team and the way they represent themselves outside their walls.

During recruitment processes, recruiter needs to make sure candidates are always informed of their status in the process. Recruiters need to communicate the candidates effectively how they are doing, if they made it to the next step or if they didn’t. Candidates are risking many things by just applying to a job offer, and being available for the process steps is not just a physical matter, it is also mental. That is why all candidates deserve to be informed when the company or the recruiters decide they will not continue in the recruitment process. It is something that just needs to be done, not only because of the, but also because it is the best thing a company can do as a professional and socially responsible recruiter.

Here are 5 tips, from Jason Hanold, recruiters should follow, when it comes to telling candidates they will not continue in the recruitment process. These are the details they should take into account in order to do it properly, keeping in mind it is the right thing to do not only for the candidate but also for the company.

Be empathetic

The best way to give not such good news is to do it in a way any person would like to receive it. That means there should be empathy involved in the process. One good way to do it is through an email and it should not only give the candidate the news that he will no longer continue but it should also thank the person for their time and their interest. Additionally, the email should end with a short paragraph telling the candidate he will be taken into account in future recruitment processes when new opportunities arrive.

Take the time to give personalized answers

Since the news will be given through an email and that email will probably be a pre-written email with the same message for all candidates, a good detail is to personalize every message and make the candidate feel as if it was especially written for him. Make sure the name of the candidate is there when you greet him and try to close the message with a kind ending. Candidates will be very thankful with personalized messages. They will appreciate the time companies take to communicate and even more, to do it in a nice, considerate and respectful way in which the most important thing is always the person.

Do it as soon as possible

Time is money and that is a rule for everyone. Candidates are probably involved in more than one recruitment process at the same time, so the sooner the candidates are informed about their status in the process, the better. The sooner the recruiter tells them they will no longer continue in the process, the better for everyone. The company will show a good image and the candidate will know exactly what will happen, in order to make their own professional decisions in time. The longer a company takes to give this kind of information to a candidate, the more it will affect the image of the company.

Take care of your employer branding

Employer branding is then that special something every company needs to take care about if they want to continue attracting the best professionals in the market. With a good employer branding, a company will be able to show they are a great place to work and that will always be attractive for anyone who is either looking for a job or not. Companies can have a marketing department that works for showing how good their products are, but they can also have employer branding that will show how good a company is in terms of employment and how good the companies treat their employees.

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