Stacy Peralta: director and entrepreneur after being a skateboarder

Have you ever heard the name, Stacy Peralta? Do you know who he is? Maybe not. Nowadays skateboarding is a new sport that is attracting millions and millions of people because it is fun, challenging and different from the rest of the mainstream sports.

There are now many competitions around the world and the industry for this type of sport is amazingly big, with top professionals traveling around the world, visiting fans, signing autographs and even doing some charity work. Skateboarding has gotten so big and important that it is now actually possible to make a career out of skateboarding and to be a top performance athlete. Like any other sport, skateboarding was once young. The difference is that compared to many sports skateboarding is a young sport that was born in the mid-60s and that has slowly progressed into becoming an Olympic sport for the next Olympic Games.

When the sport was young, the most iconic and well-remembered athletes came to be. Today we are going to talk about one of those top skateboarding athletes that left a mark in the industry and became a team manager, movie director, and entrepreneur after he stopped skateboarding at a very young age. Here is the story of Stacy Peralta and his success after being a pro skateboarder.

Stacy Peralta was born in October 15, 1957, in the state of California. He was just a normal kid looking for some adrenaline in his teens. When he met the skateboarding world he was just 13 years old and he never took skateboarding very seriously as he was a not a rebel in all the sense a of the word, but he was always up to try new things and get a hold of a little of adrenaline. When he was 15 years old he started to be in the spotlight of the sport and started to go to skate places to be with the top surfers and pros of the industry. At that same age, 15, he started skating for the Z-Boys that was a team of sponsored skateboarders under the umbrella of the surf shop Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions. He then went to skate for his second sponsor called  “Gordon and Smith”. Stacy is one of the original creators of the skateboarding lifestyle in the United States and is a very well-known within the skateboarding community because he was one of the few skateboarders to start skating in verts and half pipes when there was no possibility of surfing.

By the year 1977, Stacy Peralta was at the top of his game and living a dream life. He was a  20-year-old champion skateboarder who had the most amazing skateboard design and model and that sold almost everywhere in numbers that made everybody else look small. He also traveled the world taking the sport´s name and teaching how to skate to kids. He was also known for his smooth style of riding and he was frequently called to be part of movies and TV shows.

As good as he was, he still believed that skateboarding was a thing for teenagers, a passing fad that will eventually go away with time. The fad did not go away, but he did stop skating as a professional skateboarder and went to be a bigger part of the sport. In his own words “Skateboarding was considered as trivial as the pogo-stick” and he has a lot to thank his parents as they continued to support him even though he had decided to follow a trivial path and had given everything to skateboarding.


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His parents may have looked at the sport in a different way when they saw their son making a lot of money from his contests, but it was him who stopped that type of life to pursue a more “corporate” one. It was common for professionals in this sport to rise and fall very easily, but it wasn’t Peralta´s case. He decided to put a halt to his skateboarding career when it was at its peak and went to create the very well-known brand Power Peralta in the year 1978.

After that, he decided to focus more on the young team that he had recruited than on competing or winning tournaments despite still winning SkateBoarder magazine’s skater of the year in 1979.  He was the first skateboarder to put an emergency break to his careers to pursue a more managerial position within the sport.  He was the one responsible for finding the most amazing skateboarder when they were young and not even known on the sport. Names like Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, and Rodney Mullen were all found by Stacy Peralta. Now that is how you retire with style.

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