Three women athletes who continue contributing to the world

The lists of post-athletes who are now successful are well known. Among them is never missing Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Greg Norman, and many more. However, there is little information about those women who marked a milestone in the history of sports and who after their retirement continue changing the world with their knowledge and help. Here, three of them.

Li Na

This Chinese tennis player was the first in her country to reach a Grand Slam final, an international event with four tournaments. There, she triumphed in the modality of individual. She also won the Roland Garros in Paris, the Australian Open and the French Open in 2011. With this last one, the eyes of everybody were on her and continued like that until 2014, when she decided to retire.

At her 32 years, she had gone through four knee operations and had to apply shots every week to withstand the pain. That’s why she made known to the media and his fans that from that moment on, she would be in other works in her native country. Despite her retirement, sportswear companies like Nike continued to pay her for her sponsorship.

Since then, her main focus is on her own tennis school that offers scholarships to motivate the sport in China. In addition, she collaborates in the foundation “Right to play” that seeks to help children and young people in poverty.

Li Na started in the sport since she was eight, first with badminton and then went on to tennis. After that, she dedicated her whole life to this one. Even after stopping playing, she continues traveling to different countries to invite other players to participate in different tournaments in China.

Lorena Ochoa Reyes


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Lorena Ochoa was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1981. It was there that her family instilled her love for sports, which led her to be an immortal symbol of golf in the world.

From a very young age, she showed her skills. With six years she won the first state title, a year later a national title, and at age eight she won at the Junior World Golf Championship and went on for five consecutive years. Even in college, she continued to play as an amateur until starting as a pro in 2002. Shortly afterward, with 25 years, she managed to be in the number one position in the world ranking.

Among her list of awards, she has more than 100 titles at the state level, two wins at Majors and is the top winner of the National Sports Award in Mexico. In addition, she was the number one player in the world for 157 consecutive weeks since 2007. In terms of recognition, she managed to be in 2008 list of Forbes magazine in 2008 as one of the most powerful personalities and won the ESPY Award as The Best national athlete. She was also and Leader of LPGA and Rolex Player of the Year for three years.

Even after all these awards, Lorena never forgot her family and her land. That’s why she has her permanent headquarters in Guadalajara since 2008. There, Lorena receives every year different golfers from the world in the tournament that bears his name. Despite having retired in 2010, this tournament not only continues today but also, she now dedicates her time to different activities.

Since then, Lorena teaches golf in her academies, one in Acapulco called Ochoa Golf Academy and another one in the United States. Lorena also designs golf courses and managed to be among the finalists (including Greg Norman) to design the field of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She also works in her own foundation that has since 2004, that gives education to low-income children.

Despite years of retirement, her life is still tied to golf. In 2012, he launched a program on CNN about this sport in Latin America and in the same year she published her biographical book “Dreaming in Big”.

Annika Sörenstam

She is a Swedish golfer who during her time as an athlete won 93 golf tournaments, 72 of it in the LPGA and 10 Major Championships, including the Open of United States in 1995, 1996 and 2006. She was also Rolex Player for eight years. For this and more, Annika entered to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2003 and a year later won the Laureus Award for best athlete.

Annika played golf since her adolescence and retired in 2008 to focus on her own brand and the foundation that bears her name since 2007. There, she helps young people improve in golf and give them a healthy lifestyle. Among some of the most outstanding initiatives, there is SPARK in Florida that helps to improve the health of 100 children. In addition to this, he is part of NBC Golf as an analyst and represents brands such as AHEAD, Callaway, Golfing World, Lexus, and Rolex.