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Some of the most successful entrepreneurs retired NFL players

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs retired NFL players

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Currently, the NFL is the biggest professional football league in the world. The numbers this sport moves in money terms are huge and its players receive enormous incomes while they are active. But football is a short and risky career, so a lot of them must think what to do after their retirement to reach financial security.

After retirement, some players build their financial future making investments in different industries, like technology, real estate, sports, media, among other businesses. On the other hand, some of them turn into TV or radio figures. Other ones continue with related sports professions. But there is a lot of retired players that start their own businesses, making successfully ventures in different fields.

Alex Bernstein

He played for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Atlanta Falcons. He was active for 14 years and retired in 2001. Five years after his retirement, Bernstein dabbled in the technology field, more specifically in the software industry founding North Venture Partner in California, which invests and supports emerging companies related to technology. Bernstein’s company has invested in more than 10 businesses.

Besides his venture company, in 2003 Alex was the executive vice president of Echo Networks, Inc. a company what he co-founded dedicated to digital media. A year later he was the senior vice president of Virgin Digital, a company from Virgin Group, Ltd. Three years after North Venture Partner´s foundation, Bernstein participated in the creation of Athleticode, a genetic testing business.

Dhani Jones

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs retired NFL players

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As an active player, Jones played for 10 years in the NFL. His first team was the New York Giants, four years later he signed for the Philadelphia Eagles and three years later for the New Orleans Saints. His last years as a professional player were in the Cincinnati Bengals. After his retirement, Jones started an advertising and design company in New York City called VMG Creative, which includes clients like P&G and Michael Kors.

Jones also hosted a TV game show called “Ton of cash” in VH1 channel. In 2009, Dhani presented the TV program named “Dhani Tackles the Globe”, where he performed sports disciplines that were unknown in the United States. He is also the owner of the Bow Tie Café in Cincinnati. In 2016, he will be presenting “Adventure Capitalists”, a TV show from CNBC channel where entrepreneurs present their ideas to different investors.

Eddie George

Eddie had a brilliant performance in NFL, playing for seven seasons in Tennessee Titans and 2 in the Dallas Cowboys. In his professional career, he won 4 pro bowls, the rookie of the year in 1996, among other awards. Finished his NFL life, George obtained an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. In 2003, two years before his retirement as a professional player, George founded an architecture and design company called EDGE Group, which has offices in Ohio.

In addition to his company EDGE Group, George is passionate about finances. Currently, he manages the firm Edward George Wealth Management, which helps football stars and athletes to conserve and manage their finances during their life as active players and after their retirement.

Besides the EDGE Group and Edward George Wealth Management, Eddie has been part of different TV programs as football analyzer in FX and FOX Sports channels. He also took acting lessons and participated in a Broadway show.

Ross Tucker

Tucker played for 6 years in the NFL. During his player career, he was part of teams like Washington Red Skins, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and Cleveland Browns and returned to Washington Red Skins where he retired in 2007 after a neck injury.

After his retirement, Ross became a writer for Sports Illustrated Magazine. Three years later, he passed to ESPN as NFL columnist and three years later, he was designated as NFL columnist for The Sporting News. Besides his writing works, he hosts the successful Ross Tucker Football Podcast at, his own website where he posts NFL content and talks about football. In this site, Tucker also has other podcasts, like Fantasy Feast: Eatin and Even Money and The College Draft.

In 2010 NFL season, Ross turned in the host of The Morning Kickoff with Ross Tucker, which airs every morning. Furthermore, he is NFL analyst on the TV show Fantasy Football Live on NBC Sports Network.

In addition to his media work, Tucker is the CEO of Go Big Recruiting, LLC, a company co-founded for him, which let athletes submit their own videos to a platform where coaches can see them online.

The people mentioned above are great success examples of retired NFL players, showing that after football life, there is a lot of opportunities for those who want to secure his financial future and increase their incomes through different ways.

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