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Know some of the most successful retired boxers

Boxing is one of the riskiest sports in the world but also is one of the most popular, producing huge amounts of money and incomes for all those people who are involved in it and making boxers great superstars. But boxing is a very short career, so professional fighters must think carefully about their future and life after their last round.

A lot of boxers end their professional life with debts and economic problems, but there are some of them taking advantage of what they did as active sportsmen building amazing businesses in multiple industries like fashion, sports, entertainment, among other things, increasing their earnings in an excellent way.

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George Foreman

Nicknamed as “Big George”, Foreman is considered one of the best boxers of all times, winning 76 fights of 81 and achieving two times the heavyweight championship. At the present, he is one of the most successfully retired boxers. “Big George” is a great businessman and widely recognized reverend in the Christian church. In 1999, two years after he left boxing, Foreman sold his name rights to Salton, Inc. for $138 million dollars, who created the George Foreman Grill, an electric grill with more than 100 million of sold units worldwide. It is estimated that Foreman has earned more than $200 million dollars with the George Foreman Grill.

Besides his entrepreneur life, Foreman is a well-known minister in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, where he preaches since 1980. Moreover, “Big George” was part of the HBO Sports’ boxing team, broadcasting some important fights in different categories.

In 2003, Foreman was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, a well-deserved recognition for his remarkable career.

Vitali Klitschko

He was born in Belovo Adskoe, Kirghiz SSR, Soviet Union. Vitali is currently the Mayor of Kiev, Ukraine and leads the Kiev City State Administration since 2014. Before his political career, Klitschko was an outstanding boxer, winning three times the heavyweight championship and achieving one of the best knock-out averages in heavyweight boxing history (87.23%). In addition, Vitali is the only heavyweight world champion who was never knocked down.

In 2006 he started his governmental career founding the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR), becoming through the years in an important political figure, announcing in 2013 a possible candidate for being the Ukrainian president.

Currently, he has a good acceptance by the people and is one of the principal figures defending the association contract between Ukraine and the European Union.

Charles Wepner

Better known as Chuck Wepner, was an unknown boxer until he had the opportunity in 1975 to fight against Mohamed Ali. After this fight, Chuck became a known heavyweight fighter. Due to his fight with Ali, Wepner inspired the movie, Rocky, starring for the famous Sylvester Stallone.

Currently, he manages a prominent liquor store called Majestic Wines and Spirits in New Jersey, where he is an expert in wines and other liquors, besides, he is invited to different events in multiple Casinos to be photographed with people and other boxing figures. In 2012, ESPN made a documentary about his fight with Ali called “The Real Rocky”.

Lennox Lewis

Called the Lion, Lennox is one of the best boxers of all times, winning the heavyweight championship three different times. He has an amazing combat record with 44 fights, 41 wins, and 2 losses. Lewis also won the golden medal in the Super-heavyweight category in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

After his retirement, Lennox has participated in different films and music videos. In 2001 he had a boxing scene in the Ocean’s Eleven movie and in 2006 he acted in the movie Johnny was. In 2003 he appeared in the music video “All I have” with Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J. In 2008 he was part of the NBC’s show “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Besides his participation in movies and music video clips, Lennox competed two years in the World Series of Poker.

Sugar Ray Leonard


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He is without a doubt one of the greatest fighters in boxing history, winning world titles in five different categories and achieving an incredible combat record of 36 wins and only 3 losses. In 1997 he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

After his retirement, Sugar has been boxing analysts for multiple TV channels, like ABC, ESPN, HBO, NBC and CBS. Furthermore, Leonard has participated in multiple TV commercials for different companies like Nabisco, Ford or Coca-Cola.

In 2001, Sugar started a boxing promotional company called Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing, Inc. working in a partnership with ESPN in the boxing show “Sugar Ray Leonard and ESPN 2 Presents Friday Night Fights”. Additionally, Leonard has appeared in different TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, L.A. Heat, Hell’s Kitchen, the Renegade and Married with children. He also acted in movies like The Fighter and I Spy.


Some athletes who made more money after retiring

It is well-known that high performance athletes, especially the ones that go to win it all, make too much money in their career years. Prizes, endorsements, advertisement deals and contracts give them the fortune of having the world in their hands and having fortunes that most normal people just cannot even dream of.  But what happens to them when they retire from sports? Do they still make the same amount of money? Do they fall into depression to never appear again in the public spotlight? Or do they take advantage of their image and skills and move on to a “normal” five to nine job?

As the answer to all of these questions is yes, there are some athletes that stand out because they have made more money after retiring than they made when they were part of the sports world. Here are some that you may know very well and others that you never expected to be an athlete when they were young.

Let’s start with the most expensive athletes with the most expensive endorsements of them all, Michael Schumacher.  Michael Schumacher was one of the most successful formula 1 drivers in the world. He won 7 world championships and earned the Constructors Title for Ferrari in 1999. He retired in 2006 and went to make a total net worth of 800 million dollars after endorsements and advertisement. It is said that Shell paid him 10 million dollars per year just to wear a cap with their logo on it.

Arnold Palmer was one of the best golf players of all time.  In his career he won the total of 1.9 million dollars on prizes only. But his real wealth comes from designing golf courses and the Arnold Palmer line of drinks which represent more than 25% of revenues for the Arizona Beverage Co. His biggest earnings come from the Asian market where he has more than 400 stores with his name on them. His total wealth goes up to an incredible 675 million dollars.

On the basketball side, Michael Jordan is known as one of the most entrepreneurial athletes of his time. He earned almost 100 million dollars in salary when he played for the Chicago Bulls and the Wizards in the NBA. Some of the brands he represented while he played the most amazing basketball were Nike, Gatorade, Wheaties, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Ball Park Franks, Rayovac, Hanes, and MCI. Although the most well-known deal was the one he made with Nike that led to the creation of the iconic brand Air Jordan which still give Nike 1 billion dollars in sales around the world.  His fortune goes as high as 650 million dollars and getting better with the Bob Cats team and his 80% stake.

Another basketball player who made it big in the court and outside of it is Magic Johnson. His original contract with the Lakers was for 25 million dollars and for 25 years. His total earnings in the NBA go up to 45 million and that is nothing compared to what he made after retirement.  He founded the Magic Johnson Enterprises which has a portfolio of investments, urban revitalization and purchasing of teams that earn him the staggering 500 million dollars that make up for his total wealth.

The most famous of all golfers, Jack Nicklaus,  won the  PGA 73 times, the Champions Tour 10 times and was a part of World Golf Hall of Fame. His biggest earnings are not directly related to golf tournaments or unofficial tournaments. In fact they come from endorsements, appearance fees, corporate outings, speaking engagements, licensing fees for video games, and product lines such as clothing and wine.  In fact, Golf Digest, a golfing magazine, states that almost all of his income comes from these activities to add up to 280 million dollars.


George Foreman_careers for post athletes_jason hanold

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 has been one the few boxers that has made a name for himself after retiring. After fighting until the age of 45, becoming one of the oldest boxers to win the heavyweight crown and becoming the boxer with the most time between one world championship and the next, he retired  to make more money by appearing in  infomercials marketing the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, a  company that has sold more than 1 million units around the world. In addition, he promoted the  Meineke Car Care Centers brand and has launched branded products such as a line of environmentally safe cleaning products, an exclusive line of personal care products, a prescription shoe for diabetics , a restaurant franchise called UFood Grille and has written 10 books. No wonder his fortune is around 250 million dollars.

The previous proves us that athletes are also entrepreneurs and they can apply that discipline and talent to other areas  in life and still be as successful, or even more, as they were in their sports.